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Drama Game: Mirror


Feb 18, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 4 Comments

Mirror Drama GameType:  Ensemble Building, Focus.


  • A great way to get students aware of body movement and working together


  • Pair students up and tell them to pick an A and B.
  • Tell A’s that they are looking in the mirror.  (Optional:  Tell them it is morning and they are getting ready for the day.)
  • Tell them to move VERY slowly.  B’s are the mirror and must follow A so closely that an observer would not be able to tell who is leading and who is following.  Encourage them to mirror not only body movement but also facial expression.
  • Have them switch after a minute or so.  Then tell them that neither is the leader or follower.  You will probably have tell them to go slower a few times.
  • Start again with A’s but this time tell them that they are talking to themselves in the mirror as B’s follow.  Again let them switch and then try it with no leader and no follower.

Note:  Check out the 4-person variation of this activity here. 

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“It’s not often that I genuinely laugh at material written for this age group or genuinely get a lump in my throat. It’s so rewarding watching my younger actors perform material that doesn’t write down to them.”

Samuel Bush
September 20, 2014


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