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EP 24: The Hero Song and Sidekick Song - LMM Podcast


Aug 11, 2015 Let's Make A Musical Podcast, Podcast , , , 2 Comments

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Brian and Denver are back with completed drafts of the hero song and the sidekick song.


Should the ringometer count up, or down? Leave your comments below!


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  • Aaron Dangerfield
    Aug 24, 2015 at 6:06 pm Reply

    Hey Guys,

    I started listening about a week ago and can’t get enough!

    First let me just say how amazing of a job I think you guys are doing with this podcast, and congrats with the proposal and baby news (a bit late, I know!)

    Now for the writer’s block: Personally, after watching fund raisers such as the BBC Children in Need and Red Nose Day, I have grown accustom to their versions of the ring-o-meter counting up. I feel that perhaps you could still have the required number of rings to gain a life at the top, and just make it clear that you are working your way up towards that number.

    As for the workings of the ring-o-meter, since listening r I have been really curious as to how the meter itself would actually work. Do you have any ideas about this? Maybe you could have number marked up the side and have an piece of fabric or something that is on a pulley system so a character could raise the market as they gain rings!

    Hope all is well and I look forward to the rest of the podcast :)

  • Aaron Dangerfield
    Aug 24, 2015 at 6:08 pm Reply

    Just realised my comment is littered with mistakes. That’s what you get for trying to comment on an iPhone at 2 in the morning!!

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