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Drama Game: Clap, Snap, Stomp


Dec 3, 2017 Drama Games , 3 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Focus

Purpose: A simple game that requires focus and teamwork. 


1. Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Count off around the circle “1, 2, 3”. (“1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc.”)

3. Do it again, but this time all the 1’s will be replaced by a snap of the fingers. (“snap, 2, 3, snap, 2, 3, etc.”)

4. Do it again, but this time also replace the 2 with a clap. (snap, clap, 3, snap, clap, 3, etc.)

5. For the final round, 1 will be replaced by a snap, 2 will be replaced by a clap, and 3 will be replaced by a stomp. (snap, clap, stomp, snap, clap, stomp, etc.)


After a few rounds of practice, this can be played in “elimination mode” – if you make a mistake you must sit down. Play until there is a final showdown between the last 2 standing students!

This game can also be played in small groups instead of one large circle.

To make the game more challenging, start the pattern on a different student each time.

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