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4 Ways to Brush Up Your Improv at Home


Mar 25, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 0 Comments

By Mel Paradis (author of Teaching Improv: The Essential Handbook) I feel grateful for my improv roots right now. It’s helping me navigate the uncertainty of each coming day. When I start losing my mind (new choice), toilet paper (new choice), hand sanitizer (new choice), banana peels (go on…), I realize I need to take [...]

Remote Drama Activity: Virtual Monologues (15 FREE Monologues from Beat by Beat)


Mar 16, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 3 Comments

  The following activity is a great exercise for teachers looking for ways to help kids practice and showcase their acting skills remotely. Additionally, virtual auditioning (or self-taping) has become more and more popular, and this is a great introduction into how that process works. To help facilitate the activity, Beat by Beat is offering [...]

Remote Drama Activity: Family Fairy Tale


Mar 15, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 2 Comments

Contributed by Cindy Reardon on the Facebook Group: Theatre Education Distance Learning (Resource Sharing and Support Network). Edited by Beat by Beat Press. Family Fairy Tales Give students a list of 6-10 fairytales or children’s book. They must choose a book and read it with their family. They must create a board of six tableau [...]

Sample Daily Schedules for Kids at Home During School Closures


Mar 15, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 0 Comments

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8 Simple Tips for Teaching Online


Mar 13, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 1 Comment

Written by Marshall Jones, posted to the Facebook Group: Theatre Education Distance Learning (Resource Sharing and Support Network) I taught my first online class in 1995. I teach online and teach others to teach online. I do research in online learning. If you find yourself suddenly teaching online, here are some pro tips for you: 1. [...]

Remote Drama Activity: Digital Talent Show


Mar 13, 2020 Remote Drama Activities , 6 Comments

Contributed by Brittany Schmutzler on the Facebook Group Theatre Education Distance Learning (Resource Sharing and Support Network). Edited by Beat by Beat Press. This activity could provide an amazing opportunity to build relationships, courage & cultivate creativity in the midst of a challenging situation.  Send an email similar to the one below about creating a Digital [...]

Beat by Beat Response to COVID-19


Mar 12, 2020 0 Comments

Theatre is about community. Beat by Beat’s role has always been to enrich the lives of young performers all over the world. It’s about giving teachers the tools to run a successful drama program, and ensuring a rewarding experience for performers, crew, and audiences. With that as our guide and in response to COVID-19, we [...]

Teaching Improv: How do I help students create specific environments within their scenes?


Mar 27, 2019 Drama Games 0 Comments

  “My students are very vague when it comes to object and environment work. How do I get them to make more specific choices?” This is a common problem when teaching beginning improv. The above video is a great game to play to address this issue. Here’s how it works: Improv Game: Creating Obstacles 1. Remind students [...]

Teaching Improv: How do I help students make their scenes more interesting?


Mar 24, 2019 Drama Games 3 Comments

“My students get stuck fixating on one thing in a scene and the scene doesn’t go anywhere…help!” This a common problem when working with beginners in improv. Remind your students that all good stories have a conflict and that the conflict often gets worse and worse before the climax. Play the following game to get [...]