New musical plays for kids and teaching drama resources.

Drama Game: Moose!


Oct 18, 2017 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Creativity, Improv Purpose: This fast-paced improv game helps students quickly be able to justify their actions in the middle of an improv. This game is best for slightly older students with some improv experience. Procedure: 1. Have the class stand in a circle. 2. Go around the circle having each student count off as “A” [...]

Drama Game: Paper Airplane Introduction


Sep 10, 2017 Drama Games 0 Comments

  Type: Ensemble Building Purpose: A fun getting-to-know-you game for the beginning of a new semester…that involves making paper airplanes! Procedure: 1. Gather the class into a sitting circle. 2. Pass out a piece of paper to each student and a writing utensil. 3. On the piece of paper they must write their name, and two places they would [...]

Drama Game: Witch & Wizard Cauldron


Aug 27, 2017 Drama Games , 3 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Creativity Purpose: A fun game that will help students begin to think about using their voice and body to create different types of characters. Procedure: 1. Gather the students into a standing circle. 2. Tell the students to close their eyes. When you snap, they will be transformed into a witch or wizard. They should [...]

Drama Game: Two-Headed Monster Dance


Aug 7, 2017 Drama Games 1 Comment

Type: Warm-Up Purpose: A fun warm-up that allows everyone to be a little silly and breaks down barriers. Procedure: 1.  Have the students pair up (preferably to someone they don’t know very well.) 2. Tell the pairs to stand back to back and to hook their elbows together. 3. Play some music with a beat. The pairs must [...]

How to Write a Monologue – Free Lesson Plan from “Teaching Playwriting”


May 23, 2017 Drama Games, Teaching Drama, Teaching Drama Resources 2 Comments

The following lesson plan is an abridged excerpt from the new book Teaching Playwriting: The Essential Handbook, a step-by-step guide to fostering creativity in your classroom. You can learn more and instantly download the entire 108-page resource by clicking here.  The first step to becoming a great playwright is the ability to step inside a character and find [...]

Drama Game: Magical Connection


May 1, 2017 Drama Games 0 Comments

Type: Focus, Observation/Communication Purpose: This game involves the instructor and an “assistant” who together have a secret form of communication, and the class who must guess what that “magic” communication is. This activity will help the whole class to focus, to think outside the box, and to explore all the different ways two people can communicate. Procedure:  1. Before [...]

Drama Game: Emotional Transfer


Mar 7, 2017 Drama Games , 3 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A simple improv game for more advanced actors. Procedure: 1. Ask two players to take the stage. 2. Assign two different emotions to each of the players. 3. Ask the audience for a setting and conflict, and have the two players improvise a scene starting with the emotions they were assigned. 4. Over the [...]

Drama Game: Superfans


Feb 13, 2017 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A simple improv game that helps create a positive creative environment. Procedure: 1. Have the class stand in a semi-circle.  2. Everyone standing in the semi-circle is a “superfan” of whomever steps in front of them. 3. One at a time members of the group will step in front and narrate a real or fictional [...]

Drama Game: Ninja Star, Baby Kitten, Angry Chihuahua


Jan 9, 2017 Drama Games 2 Comments

Type: Warm-Up Purpose: A fun short warm-up to loosen kids up and have them practice pantomime.  Procedure: 1. Have the class silently walk around an open space. 2. Tell the students that they are going to mime passing different objects from person to person as they walk through the space. To pass an object, they must make perfect eye [...]

Drama Game: Three Ball Toss (Name Game)


Jan 1, 2017 Drama Games , 4 Comments

Type: Focus, Ensemble Building Purpose: A great way to work on focus and collaboration through a repetitive physical activity.  Materials: 3 bean bags or light balls for the kids to throw. Procedure: 1. Have the class stand in a circle. 2. Begin by introducing just 1 ball to the group. 3. Tell the class that the goal of this [...]