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Epic Birthday Musical for Kids

✩  WINNER! 2014 Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, NYC  ✩

Skyler is about to turn 12, and she’s planned the biggest celebration of the year. But in the middle of the party, something mysterious happens – all the adults suddenly vanish! Trapped in the backyard, the kids realize they must create a brand new society. However when they elect Skyler’s older brother, Charlie, as their ruler, things really begin to spin out of control. Eventually the kids learn a big lesson in responsibility, while Skyler and Charlie develop a greater respect for one another.

Run-Time:  45 minutes
Age:  Upper Elementary/Middle School
Cast Size:  24+
Themes:  Responsibility, Family

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The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever…a smash hit!
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Lincoln Theatre Company (in Lincoln, CA), I wanted to let you know how thoroughly delighted our sell-out audiences were with our early August production of “The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever”! We had nearly 400 attendees for two performances…you can imagine how thrilled we were with the community’s reception. Our cast of 22 children, ages 8-14, carried the show with professionalism and great enthusiasm….they simply loved the musical!
MaryEllen Vogt, Board of Directors, Lincoln Theatre Company (Lincoln, CA)

Thanks for creating such a wonderful accessible show!
Our kids owned it from early on in the rehearsal process. That, as you probably know, makes working with a young cast a pleasure. The music is so singable and infectious. I had a great cast and crew and they worked to improve their acting, singing, choreography and timing at every rehearsal. In the end they gave one of the best performances I have had in thirty years of shows.
Jim B. – Friends Academy (Dartmouth, MA)

I think Beat by Beat is writing some of the best new musicals for children
They know the young child’s voice and are able to create material that is meaningful and reasonable to learn with limited rehearsal time. I highly suggest their work. I’ve done Epic Birthday Party (twice) and We Are Monsters. Looking forward to trying The Grunch!
Allyn P. – Calliope Theatre (Boylston, MA)


The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever is unlike any musical we’ve ever published. It combines the average backyard birthday party with the storytelling, events and music of an epic major motion picture!




The leads of the show are SKYLER and CHARLIE, siblings who require strong acting/singing skills.

Additionally there are over 22 gender-neutral character roles, ranging from the energetic TROUPES to the laid-back FOLK MUSICIANS.

The KIDS/CHARLANDIA chorus can be as big or small as needed. They participate in 5 of the 9 songs.

NARRATOR 1:  strong, dramatic speaking voice
NARRATOR 2:  strong, dramatic speaking voice
NARRATOR 3:  strong, dramatic speaking voice
NARRATOR 4:  strong, dramatic speaking voice

SKYLER:  the birthday girl, most enjoys being in control, but her older brother Charlie always steals the attention.
CHARLIE:  Skyler’s older brother, overlooks his younger sister, elected ruler and lets the power go to his head

KURT:  head of The Troupes, strict and disciplined
KAI:  Kurt’s best friend, a hip-hop dancer
LOGAN:  joins The Troupes, intelligent, obedient
TOBY:  joins The Troupes, first to lose his/her cool
PHOENIX:  joins The Troupes, short temper
REESE:  joins The Troupes, eventually switches to the folk musicians

JOY:  folk musician, intellectual
LUCKY: folk musician, rebel, energetic
CAMEO:  folk musician, laid-back

GAIL:  locked in the bathroom (3 monologues)
WOLF:  survivor, fan of “Man vs. Wild” (2 monologues)
JO:  Chef of Charlandia, not very bright
FELIX:  Charlandian, assistant to JO

QUINN:  Judge of Charlandia, gets a little carried away at times
ELI:  Charlandian, assistant to QUINN

EMERY:  Jester of Charlandia

PIM:  Charlandian, younger, escapee
LILY:  Kurt’s younger sibling

SKYLER’S MOM:  shows up at the very end, should be played by an adult (perhaps Skyler’s real mom?)






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