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Children's Musical Musicville✩  WINNER! 2011 Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, NYC  ✩

MUSICVILLE takes you on an adventure with Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they attempt to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence. On their quest to the Castle of Composition, they pass through the Desert of Doo-wop, the Ocean of Opera, and the Terrible Terrain of Tango meeting musical friends and foes along the way. Their journey teaches them about new kinds of music, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of working together!

Run-Time:  60-minutes
Age:  Upper Elementary
Cast Size:  25+
Themes:  Friendship, Adventure, Overcoming Obstacles

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Melody Meadows is bustling with excitement, preparing for the annual festival planned for that evening: a celebration of musical freedom (Getting Ready for the Festival Tonight). However Maiden Melody is tired of the same routine and is longing for new adventure (Spooky Cool), something her best friend Radical Rhythm has heard all too many times before.

Meanwhile, the Sorcerer of Silence, Maiden Melody’s uncle, is fed up with the town’s constant “noise”. He and his henchmen concoct a magical potion that will forever silence anyone who drinks it (Song of Silence).

As the town gathers for the opening ceremony, they toast from the river’s sacred water (Music Reigns Forever More), which the Sorcerer secretly pollutes with the magical silencing potion. One by one the town becomes silenced!

Melody and Radical manage to escape by fleeing across the river. Melody comforts a shaken Radical by assuring him they can save Musicville if they take it beat by beat (Beat by Beat). They immediately seek help from the Solo of Soul, a quirky mentor, who gives them a magical map to guide them through Musicville to the Castle of Composition; their only hope in reversing the spell (Heed the Map).

Their first stop is the Desert of Doo Wop where they meet Counterpoint and her party-hardy Doo Wops (Fun, Fun, Fun). Counterpoint joins them on their journey.

While planning their next stop, Tangy Error, the Sorcerer’s spy, overhears the troupe’s plan and reports back to the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer commands Tangy Error and his henchmen to divert the troupe to the Terrible Terrain of Tango (Song of Silence Reprise) where his sneaky and loyal Tanguerros will capture the troupe!

Continuing along their way, the Troupe arrives at the Orange Ocean of Opera, a dramatic land where everyone is thirsty for water (Water!). As the troupe tries to leave for their final stop, the Castle of Composition, the disguised Tangy Error and henchmen convince them to take a detour through the Terrible Terrain of Tango (Up Ahead).

At night fall, Melody begins to have doubts about their journey. This time, Radical and the troupe cheer her up (Beat by Beat Reprise).

In the Terrible Terrain of Tango, the troupe is captured (Tanguerros). Fortunately, Melody and Rhythm talk their way out of danger and also welcome a new friend, Syncopation, to the troupe.

When they reach the Castle of Composition, they meet the powerful Composer of “Ahhs” who gives them a magical song to reverse the spell.

Upon returning to Melody Meadows, the troupe arrives to a grim scene and is confronted by the Sorcerer. When they begin to sing the magical song (Simple Tune) it does not work! They realize it’s not until they add all the musical elements they picked up on their journey (Counterpoint, Piano, Forte) that the song becomes effective. Music is restored to the land, and even the Sorcerer can’t resist the beautiful music!

To commemorate Melody and Radical’s bravery and their newfound musical friends, Musicville establishes a new day of musical celebration.



MELODY and RADICAL are the leads of the show and require a very strong male and female actor/singer for each. The SORCERER provides a great opportunity to feature a male or female “character” actor. There are additionally many other featured characters with solos, as well as strong ensemble numbers that can vary in size.

The majority of parts are gender-neutral, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Maiden Melody
Radical Rhythm
Grand Staff
Queen Gliss
Mother Rhythm
Off Beat
Town Person 1 & 2
Melody Meadows Ensemble

Sorcerer of Silence
Half Rest
Eighth Rest

Bitty Bass
Talented Tenor
Low E
Doo-Wop Ensemble

Accent, Fermata, Repeat
Opera Ensemble

Tangy Error
Tanguerros Ensemble

Solo Of Soul
Composer of “Ahhs”



Production Date Organization Location
Jun 19-20, 2015 Junction City Little Theater Junction City, KS
Jun 10-12, 2015 Taranganba State School Queensland, Australia
Jun 8, 2015 Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center Sugar Loaf, NY
Jun 4-5, 2015 High Point Community Theatre High Point, NC
Jun 1-2, 2015 Coldwater Public School Ontario, Canada
May 26-28, 2015 Environmental Charter School Pittsburgh, PA
May 20-24, 2015 Ridgeline Academy Phoenix, AZ
May 16, 2015 Believers in Christ Academy Milwaukee, WI
May 14, 2015 Indian Creek Elementary Placerville, CA
May 13, 2015 Schuylkill School Phoenixville, PA
Mar 26-27, 2015 Huband Park Elementary School Canada
Feb 20-21, 2015 Oak Hills Elementary Beaverton, OR
Jan 13, 2015 The Adelson Educational Campus Las Vegas, NV
Nov 21-23, 2014 Act Out Theatre Group Taylor, PA
Oct 7, 2014 Wakanui School Mid Canterbury, New Zealand
Aug 29, 2014 Just off Broadway Inc New Windsor, NY
Aug 15, 2014 Farmington Hills Youth Theatre Farmington Hills
Jul 24, 2014 New London Barn Playhouse New London, NH
Jun 10-14, 2014 2nd Primary School of Kalohori Greece
Apr 23, 2015 Georges Vanier Catholic School Ontario, Canada
Apr 3, 2014 Penn Yan Academy Penn Yan, NY
Mar 28, 2014 Lake Avenue Drama Club (LADC) Saratoga Springs, NY
Mar 25, 2015 St. Agnes School Arlington, VA
Mar 21, 2014 Popcorn Players Boxborough, MA
Mar 20, 2014 Emirates International School – Jumeirah Dubai
Jul 26, 2013 The Salvation Army Tucson, AZ
Apr 30, 2013 Seed of Wisdom Learning Center Phillippines
Apr 27, 2013 St. Patrick’s Catholic School Janesville, WI
Apr 26, 2013 St. Paul Lutheran School Bloomer, WI
Apr 4, 2013 The Independent School Wichita
Jan 8, 2013 Penn Wynne Elementary School Wynnewood, PA
Sep 15, 2012 The Trebles Youth Choir – Summer Program Trinidad and Tabago
Aug 17, 2012 Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts New Rockford, ND
July 23, 2012 Broadway Workshop New York, NY
Jan 11, 2012 Tioga Hills Elementary School Apalachin, NY
Dec 14, 2011 Reed Elementary School San Jose, CA
Nov 3, 2011 Gettysburg Elementary School Clovis, CA
May 20, 2011 The Garden Players Queens, NY


The parents loved the production and the kids had a blast. 
The catchy tunes and quality of the overall package was so helpful. The children were thrilled to hear you’d emailed us and we’re thinking of us just before the show. It made it more personal, and your name though they had seen it on the script cover made it all more real!
Lina Charif, Emirates International School – Jumeirah (Dubai) | April  2, 2014

Our 5th graders really enjoyed the Musical. 

Our 5th graders really enjoyed the Musical. They made the scenery, the props, the costumes – no parent help. They liked the music and had a great time. I, as director, appreciated your script with lots of room for notes.
Barbara Humes, Penn Wynne Elementary (Wynnewood, PA) | February 19, 2013

Our production turned out GREAT!
The kids on stage had a blast, as did the students, friends and family in the audience. I cracked up when one parent (who has been coming to his kids’ plays for over 10 years) secretly confessed to me, “I LIKED this one! I usually don’t like these things, but I liked THIS ONE !!” …..Well, I have to say, in 19 years of directing, this has been the MOST FUN play I’ve ever done. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank you and Betina for creating such a beautiful, enchanting musical. Everyone involved in our production is standing a littler taller (and with a big, wide grin) because of you.
Emily Kritzer, Reed Elementary School (San Jose, CA) | December 14, 2011

Such an entertaining show!!
Absolutely a stellar performance for Gettysburg…such an entertaining show!!
Karen Kelly-Manley, Gettysburg Elementary School (Clovis, CA) | November 5, 2011

An enormous success!
Working with Denver and Betina on Musicville was an absolutely joy. We had such an incredible time creating the fun world of Musicville with our students. The students really took to the story and music and watching them bring the many characters to life was thrilling for parents, family and friends. Musicville was an enormous success for Broadway Workshop on so many levels. I am so excited to see what is next from Denver and Betina.
Marc Tumminelli, Director, Broadway Workshop (New York, NY) | July 28, 2011




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