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Drama Game: Backdrop


Oct 1, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Creativity, Ensemble Building Purpose: This game helps kids practice NOT being the center of attention. It’s about creating an atmosphere, or backdrop, without taking focus. Great for helping kids become part of an ensemble or chorus that supports a scene. Procedure: 1.  Divide the class into groups of 4-8 players each. 2.  Each group must decide on an [...]

Drama Game: Towel Crossing


Aug 19, 2014 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Type: Ensemble Building, Creativity Purpose: Although this game doesn’t have anything to do with theatre/drama specifically, it’s great for team-building and forces kids to think outside the box. Materials: 1)  A long beach towel 2) A hand towel (old ones that you don’t mind getting dirty). Procedure: 1.  Divide the class into groups. Each group should have 4-8 students. [...]

Drama Game: Two-Headed Monster


Aug 14, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A simple game that helps kids work together and be creative at the same time. Procedure: 1.  Ask two students to take the stage and link arms. 2.  They are now a two-headed monster. As a two-headed monster, they talk in one-word turns, keeping the same personality. 4.  Ask the class for a [...]

Drama Game: Who’s Telling the Truth?


Jul 12, 2014 Drama Games 1 Comment

Type: Creativity, Improv Purpose: A great game to play to help kids tell believable stories. Procedure: 1.  Divide the class into groups of 3-4 students. 2.  Give all the groups a topic like “Your most embarrassing moment” or “A time you were really scared” or “Your favorite birthday party” etc. 3.  Have the students within the group [...]

Drama Game: Superheroes


Mar 5, 2014 Drama Games , 5 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: This a really fun improv game to play with older students. Procedure: 1.  Ask 1 player to take center stage, and 3 players to line up offstage. 2.  Ask the audience for a suggestion for a made-up superhero (“Laundry man!”, “Captain Toothbrush!”, “The Invisible Pancake!”, “Princess Talk Too Fast!”, “Dr. Never Smile!” etc.) [...]

Drama Game: Tour Guide


Feb 19, 2014 Drama Games 0 Comments

Type: Creativity Purpose: To help kids think about environment when creating a scene. Procedure:   1.  Pair students up. Have them assign one partner “A” and one partner “B”. 2.  Have everyone close their eyes and think of a physical place (Playground, Bedroom, Kitchen, Classroom, Attic, Grandparents’ house, etc.) that is very special to them. 3.  Tell [...]

Drama Game: A Night at the Oscars


Feb 11, 2014 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Procedure: 1.  On stage create three groups of two and one “host”. Everyone else should sit in the audience. 2.  Have the audience suggest three fictitious titles for movies and assign them to each of the three groups. (“Planet of the Apricots!”, “A taco paradise”, etc.) 3.  The activity then plays out like [...]

Drama Game: Stand, Sit, Bend


Feb 9, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity, Teamwork Setup:  A chair on stage. Procedure: 1.  Ask three players to take the stage. 2.  Ask one player to stand, one player to sit in the chair, and one player to bend over. 3.  They are to improvise a scene (from an audience or teacher suggestion) where one person must be either [...]

Drama Game: Bus Stop


Feb 3, 2014 Drama Games 4 Comments

Type: Creativity Materials:  A bowl with slips of paper with different types of characters written on them (a 5 year old, a business person, a clown, an 80 year old, etc.) Procedure: 1.  Create a row of chairs on stage (a bench). 2.  Three at a time, students will enter the stage, sit and wait for [...]

Drama Game: Beads on a String


Jan 26, 2014 Drama Games , 3 Comments

Type: Creativity, Improv Note: Most appropriate for older kids/teens. Procedure: 1.  Ask two actors to stand on opposite corners of the stage.  Assign one of them “A” and one of them “B”. 2. Ask them both to take 5 seconds to think of a random phrase. Then ask “A” to share, and immediately after ask “B” to [...]