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Drama Game: Freeze & Justify


Aug 29, 2013 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type:  Creativity, Improv Procedure: 1.  Actors walk around the space, constantly changing the shapes of their bodies, exploring unusual poses (consider adding instrumental music to help their imagination) 2.  The leader at any point can call out “Freeze!” at which point all the actors freeze in their current pose. 3.  The leader calls out a [...]

Drama Game: On the Spot


Aug 18, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type:  Creativity Purpose:  A fun group exercise that forces students to be spontaneous, stretches the imagination, and allows groups to think thematically together Procedure: 1.  Students sit in a line facing the stage. 2.  Explain that you will announce a theme or topic and that starting at one end of the line, each student will [...]

Drama Game: Conducted Story


Aug 18, 2013 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type:  Ensemble Building, Creativity Procedure: 1.  In a line facing the audience, players tell a group story. 2.  One player is designated “the conductor” and kneels in front of the line. 3.  When “the conductor” points to someone they must begin to tell a story. 4.  After a few beats have passed and allowed the [...]

Drama Game: 3 Television Channels


Aug 14, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Improv, Creativity Procedure: 1.  Three actors stand facing the audience. 2.  The audience comes up with 3 tv channels (soap opera, mtv, sitcom, reality, etc) 3.  One audience member has a remote control and yells out a particular channel. 4.  The actors must perform a scene from that channel. 5.  When a new channel is [...]

Drama Game: Group Environment


Jul 9, 2013 Drama Games , , 1 Comment

Type:  Creativity, Improv Purpose:  This is a great group environment and listening game. Procedure: 1.  In a group you decide on an environment (i.e. kitchen), then one by one players enter the kitchen and create one object (i.e. a player enters and opens a refrigerator) and exits. 2.  Each subsequent player that enters must use [...]

Drama Game: The Expert


Jul 2, 2013 Drama Games , , 1 Comment

Type:  Improv, Creativity Purpose:  A great beginning improv exercise that forces kids to quickly come up with original material. Procedure: 1.  Students become “experts” on certain subjects. 2.  Student take turns going in front of class. 3.  You or the audience give a subject that the student is expert in (i.e.. Cereal, Hairstyling, Fruit, Mexico, [...]

Drama Game: Hitchhiker


Jun 28, 2013 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type:  Impov, Creativity Procedure: 1.  Place four chairs on stage to represent four seats in a car. Four students start in the car and they are going somewhere. 2.  A “hitchhiker” stands up and puts their thumb out. The hitchhiker has a very strong characteristic, such as enormous sneezes, extremely old age, annoyed business person, [...]

Drama Game: What Are You Doing?


Jun 28, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Purpose:  Develops focus and creativity, and reinforces concept of having an activity vs. action. Procedure: 1.  Have eight students volunteer. Two stand up facing the audience and the other six line up behind each of the two. (Two vertical lines facing the audience) 2. One student in the front row starts an “activity” (brushing teeth, tap [...]