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Drama Game: Emotion Party


Jun 25, 2013 Drama Games , 2 Comments

  Type:  Creativity, Improv Procedure: 1.  Each player thinks of an emotion 2.  One person (the host) begins in the center of the room, setting up for a party. 3.  The host acts in the manner of his/her emotion. 4.  Another player knocks on the door and is let in by the host. 5.  The [...]

Drama Game: Morph the Movement


May 7, 2013 Creativity, Drama Games, Ensemble Building , , , 1 Comment

Type: Ensemble Building/Creativity Purpose: A good game for a medium or large sized group, Morph the Movement is a great physical warm up with a focus on spontaneity and trusting your instincts. Procedure: 1.  Players stand in a circle. 2.  One player starts by choosing a physical action with repetitive motion (i.e. digging) 3.  The player [...]