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Drama Game: Silent and Serious


Dec 2, 2015 Drama Games 2 Comments

Type: Warm-up Purpose: A fun exercise that will help students work on self-control. Procedure: 1. Have each student choose a partner. 2. Instruct the students to stand back to back with their partner. 3. On the count of three, everyone must face their partner, and keep a silent and serious face. 4. Walk around as the inspector. The first [...]

Drama Game: Sound Ball


Nov 4, 2015 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Type: Creativity, Warm-Up Purpose: A fun activity that allows kids to practice working with imaginary objects, and create strong voices. Procedure: 1.  Create a standing circle. 2. Explain to the class that in your pocked you have a very special, very magical sound ball. 3. Mime pulling a tiny ball out of your pocket and show it [...]

Drama Game: Meet My Friend…


Sep 13, 2015 Drama Games 6 Comments

Type: Warm-up Purpose: A fun simple ice-breaker to play that will help kids get to know one another. Procedure: 1.  In your head, divide the number of kids in the class by 2. (For our purposes we’ll say there are 30 kids in the class so divided by two equals 15). 2. Create a standing circle. Begin to [...]

Drama Game: Name Dance


May 30, 2015 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Creativity Purpose: A fun activity that allows students to individually explore movement, and become comfortable in front of an audience. Procedure: 1. The goal of this activity is for each player to create a dance piece that uses their entire body to spell our their name. 2.  Start out by giving an example of a dance [...]

Drama Game: Zombie Name Game


May 18, 2015 Drama Games 8 Comments

Type: Warm-Up Purpose: A fun variation on the standard name game. Great to use in the beginning sessions to help the kids (and the teacher!) learn everyone’s names. Procedure: 1. Have the class stand in a circle. 2. Go around the circle having each kid loudly say his/her name as a zombie. (“Saaaarrraaaaahhhhh!”) 3. Then choose one student to be [...]

Drama Game: Spy, Crush, Hate


Apr 7, 2015 Drama Games , 6 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Ensemble Building Purpose: This game is similar to Enemy and Protector, but a slightly different take and a bit more involved. It will allow the kids a chance to become familiar with each other in a new setting. Procedure: 1.  Ask the kids to silently walk around the playing area. 2. Ask every player to silently choose a member [...]

Drama Game: People, Shelter, Storm


Mar 18, 2015 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Ensemble Building Purpose: A fun game to get students comfortable with each other and working together. Procedure: 1.  Clear a large space for the playing area. 2.  Divide the class into small groups; three players to a group. 3.  Explain that within each group there will be two players who form a shelter, while the other [...]

Drama Game: String Shapes


Feb 8, 2015 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Ensemble Building Purpose: A great teamwork activity for all ages. Materials: A long piece of string (or yarn, twine, rope). Procedure: 1.  Lay out a long piece of string in front of the class. 2.  Ask the class to stand and for each student to take hold of a part of the string, holding it with both [...]

Drama Game: Shake It Off


Dec 17, 2014 Drama Games 7 Comments

Type: Warm-Up Purpose: This is a popular activity that raises the energy of a group. I do NOT recommend using this to focus or calm down a rowdy group. Instead, I often use it just before a performance to get students energized and loosened up. Procedure: 1.  Have the players stand in a circle. 2.  Explain that the students [...]

Drama Game: Name Chant


Sep 19, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Break Out of Shell Purpose: A fun way to have kids introduce themselves and break out of their shell. Procedure: 1.  Create a standing circle. 2. Start a simple rhythm that alternates with a pat on the legs, then a clap: Pat, Clap, Pat, Clap, etc. 3.  One player at a time does this chant, while [...]