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Drama Game: Enemy & Protector


Jul 2, 2013 Drama Games , , , , 0 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Break Out of Shell Purpose:  This is a fun, simple, quick game to energize the players and loosen everybody up. Procedure: 1.  Standing in a room everyone is told to mentally pick someone in the room that will be their enemy. 2.  Then everyone must pick someone who will be their protector. 3. [...]

Drama Game: Whoosh!


May 22, 2013 Drama Games , , , 2 Comments

Type:  Warm-Up. Procedure: 1.  Everybody stands in a circle. 2.  Start with one person, who waves both hands to his/her neighbor, saying `Whoosh`. 3.  The next person passes the Whoosh to his neighbor, and that way the Whoosh is passed around the circle. 4.  There’s 4 other sounds/movements that can be made: 5.  Whoa!: indicated [...]

Drama Game: “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap!”


Apr 11, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , , , 9 Comments

Type: Warm-up. Purpose:  Practice knowing everyone’s names and rhythm coordination. Procedure: 1.  Sit on the floor in a big circle. 2.  Have everyone go around introducing their names. 3.  Teach the kids the main pattern, “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap”. This is done by patting one’s legs with both hands twice in a row, clapping in front [...]

Drama Game: How to Begin Creating an Ensemble on Day 1


Apr 2, 2013 Arts Education, Drama Games , , , , 13 Comments

If your students aren’t working together and respecting each other, your production will suffer. It’s important from Day 1 to establish a positive ensemble that understands they’re working together toward the same goal. Often on the first day of rehearsal/class kids are coming from all different backgrounds, age groups and experience. It can be intimidating [...]

Drama Game: Exploring the Space


Feb 21, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Warm-Up , , , , 0 Comments

Type: Ensemble Building, Warm-Up Purpose: To get students familiar with their environment To get students to work together as a group Materials: A big enough space for the entire class to walk around comfortably. Procedure:  Ask the students to spread across the room. Tell them when you tell them to they will start walking around the [...]

Drama Game: Introductions and Applause


Feb 17, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , 12 Comments

Type:  Warm-up. Purpose: A great way for students to introduce themselves, get a non-frightening taste of being on stage Establish a supportive environment Procedure:  Either using a real door or an imaginary door (which you create for the students), tell the group each student will come up one by one, walk through the door to [...]

Drama Game: Name Game!


Feb 11, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , , 1 Comment

Type:  Warm-up. Purpose: Get to know names and something about each person. Understand how to pantomime and communicate ideas. Procedure: Gather students in a circle. Have each student say their name and do a gesture for each syllable. The action should be simple and can demonstrate a hobby, interest they have or something that they do [...]

Drama Game: One Word Story


Jan 31, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus, Warm-Up , , , 15 Comments

Type:  Warm-up. Purpose: To work as a team. To work on focus. Materials: A big enough space for the entire class to sit in a circle comfortably. Procedure:  Players sit in a circle. One person says a single word to begin a story. The person to his left says another word, then the next person [...]

Drama Game: Zip Zap Zop!


Jan 31, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , , 1 Comment

Type:  Warm-up. Purpose: To be attentive and work on quick decision making. To work on focus. To raise comfortability of a group. Materials: A big enough space for the entire class to stand in a circle comfortably. Procedure:  Level One Players stand in a circle. One player, Player A, claps his hands, ending in a [...]