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Musicville Performance Photos - Children's Musical Theater Festival 2011


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Check out these photos from the performance of Musicville at the Children’s Musical Theater Festival in New York City.

This was a “workshop” performance, presented without sets or costumes.  The cast had only 5 days to memorize and rehearse the entire show.  Enjoy!

Musicville Opening

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Musicville!" – Queen Gliss & Grand Staff

Musicville - Spooky Cool

"It would be Spooky Cool, to sneak to the roof tonight…" – Maiden Melody

Musicville Spooky Cool

"Alright, I'm in." – Radical Rhythm

Musicville - Song of Silence

"This is a very delicate vial…" – Sorcerer of Silence

"Sweetly they'll sing my little song…of silence!" – The Sorcerer of Silence

Musicville - Silenced

"The Solo of Soul will help…" – Queen Gliss

Musicville Musical Play - Beat by Beat

"Hear that sound, in your heart, telling you to take it Beat by Beat." – Maiden Melody

Heed the Map

"Listen close and heed the map." – Solo of Soul

Desert of Doo-Wop

"Sha doo ba doo-wop!" – The Desert of Doo-Wop

Fun FUn FUn

"Can't stop having fun!" – Low E


"Fun, Fun, Fun!" – The Desert of Doo-wop

"Next stop, the Orange Ocean of Opera…" – Melody, Radical and Counterpoint

Ocean of Opera

"We need some water!" – The Orange Ocean of Opera

"You must help us!" – Trill

Up Ahead

"Up ahead, there's a very scary rest, very oddly dressed…" – Tangy Error

Terrible Terrain of Tango

"Tanguerros!" – The Terrible Terrain of Tango

"Tanguerros for life!" – Syncopation

(The Troupe trying to fit in with the Tanguerros)

"I am the Composer of Ahhs!!!" – The Castle of Composition

"A simple tune, will leave you room, to let the music soar…" – The Troupe

"There's a place for everyone in music…" – Maiden Melody

Musicville Curtain Call

The cast of Musicville!

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