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Drama Game: Bippity Bippity Bop


Jan 20, 2013 Drama Games, Focus, Raise Energy, Warm-Up , , , 22 Comments

Bippity Bippity Bop GameType:  Warm-up.


–  To be attentive and work on quick decision making.
–  Learn how to react quickly to an action.
–  To work on focus.
–  To raise comfortability of a group.
–  To get some energy out and HAVE FUN!


A big enough space for the entire class to stand in a circle comfortably.


1.  The entire class stands in a circle and the teacher stands in the middle of the circle.

2.  LEVEL 1: The teacher points at someone in the circle and says “bippity bippity bop” as fast as she can. The person being pointed at must say “bop” before she gets to the end of her phrase. If the teacher points to a student and only says “bop”, then the student must stay quiet. The goal of the teacher is it get the students to not say “bop” fast enough in the first case scenario, and to say “bop” in the second.

3.  LEVEL 2: After this level is well understood by the whole group, it is time to add another dimension. If the teacher points to a student and says “haunted house”, the student must crouch down and in a ghoulish voice say “Come in! Come in!”. The two students to his left and right must use both their arms to make the roof of a house over the crouched student.

4.  LEVEL 3: If the teacher points to a student and says “Hawaii”, the student being pointed at would have todo the hula while the students on the left and right would put their arms up like palm trees.

5.  LAYER 4: If the teacher points to a student and says “Godzilla” than the student must stomp in place and roar as if he was Godzilla while the student on the left and right must cower and scream.

6.  If you have time, you can add more in. (check the comments below for other great ideas!)

7.  Finally, once the class gets the hang of it, you can add an “elimination mode”: if a student messes up, he/she must sit down. Go until you have a winner.

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