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Drama Game: Introductions and Applause


Feb 17, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , 12 Comments

Kid ApplauseType:  Warm-up.


  • A great way for students to introduce themselves, get a non-frightening taste of being on stage
  • Establish a supportive environment


  • Either using a real door or an imaginary door (which you create for the students), tell the group each student will come up one by one, walk through the door to “enter” the stage, introduce themselves saying “Hi, my name is _____” and say one interesting thing about themselves (you can add on more to the speech but don’t make it too long or complicated – the point is to give an incredibly easy task).
  • After each introduction, the audience will enthusiastically applaud as the student stays up on stage and takes in the applause.


  • Do NO coaching here – the point again is to let each student perform their introduction, with no criticism whatsoever. The only thing you CAN coach them on is waiting for the applause – don’t let them run off the stage before they take it in.


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