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Drama Game: Name Game!


Feb 11, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , , 2 Comments

Name Game Drama GameType:  Warm-up.


  • Get to know names and something about each person.
  • Understand how to pantomime and communicate ideas.


  • Gather students in a circle. Have each student say their name and do a gesture for each syllable. The action should be simple and can demonstrate a hobby, interest they have or something that they do everyday. Example: I say “Pam-e-la” and gesture a paddle stroke on each side of my body- one stroke per syllable- to show I like to canoe.
  • Each student says their name individually and demonstrates the gesture and everyone repeats the name and gesture. Repeat the process around the circle until all have shared their name and gesture.
  • If time allows or at another time have those who wish to challenge their memory demonstrate all the names and gestures for everyone.

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“Amazingly helpful! A huge gift for someone trying to get a drama club going in a middle school setting. Full of great suggestions and easy to digest format.”

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April 1, 2015


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