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Drama Game: "Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap!"


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Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.18.16 AMType: Warm-up.

Purpose:  Practice knowing everyone’s names and rhythm coordination.


1.  Sit on the floor in a big circle.

2.  Have everyone go around introducing their names.

3.  Teach the kids the main pattern, “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap”. This is done by patting one’s legs with both hands twice in a row, clapping in front of you, and then snapping with both hands. Do it several times until everyone in the circle is comfortable with the rhythm.

4.  Then the game begins. The leader starts the action: “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap.”  But instead of saying “Snap”, the leader then calls out the name of a person in the “snap”

5.  That person must then continue the pattern, calling out a different name in the place of the “snap”.

For example:

LEADER: Lap, Lap, Clap Sasha!
SASHA:  Lap, Lap, Clap, John!
JOHN: Lap, Lap, Clap, Linda!

6.  The trick is to never break the rhythm.  This will probably take some practice at first.  Practice until everyone gets comfortable with the pattern.

7.  After awhile, consider beginning an “elimination mode”. Any time the rhythm is broken, the person who broke the rhythm is out. The person sitting next to the one who missed should start the rhythm again.

8.  When everyone gets comfortable with the game, increase the fun by speeding up the rhythm.

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