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Drama Game: The Machine


Apr 17, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 5 Comments

Type:  Focus, Ensemble Building.

Kids Machine

Purpose: Develops creativity, concentration, and group cooperation.


1.  Start with one student making a noise and a simple repeatable gesture.

2.  When the student has a rhythm and another student has an idea for a movement which connects to the first gesture that student joins the first student by making a new noise and movement which connects to the original gesture.

3.  Each student joins in with a new noise and gesture and connects to the others in some way until all students are involved in creating the machine.


–  What did you imagine the machine you created was?

–  What was your part in making it?

–  How could we make the machine batter?

–  Was it difficult to keep your concentration until everyone was creating the machine?

VARIATION: Decide on a type of machine and then have everyone create it together- everyone starts at the same time.



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