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Drama Game: Whoosh!


May 22, 2013 Drama Games , , , 2 Comments


Type:  Warm-Up.


1.  Everybody stands in a circle.

2.  Start with one person, who waves both hands to his/her neighbor, saying `Whoosh`.

3.  The next person passes the Whoosh to his neighbor, and that way the Whoosh is passed around the circle.

4.  There’s 4 other sounds/movements that can be made:

5.  Whoa!: indicated by saying “whoa”, and holding up both hands in a stop motion. A “Whoa” changes the direction of the Whoosh.

6.  Zap”: instead of passing the Whoosh to your neighbor, it gets zapped to the person you point to with your hands clapped together. The receiver continues with either a Whoosh to his neighbor, or another Zap to another person. A “Whoa” after a Zap returns to the Zapper.

7.  Groooooooovelicious`: for this one the whole group bends down and up again in a kinda groovy way, all saying Groooooooovelicious. Afterwards, the person who started the Groovelicious sets the Whoosh in motion again, in any direction.

8.  “Freakout”: indicated by waving both hands in the air. Everybody starts screaming and moves to the center of the circle. When everybody`s freaked out a new circle is formed, and the starter of the Freakout sets the Whoosh in motion again.


1.  You can invent other sounds and gestures.

2.  Begin an elimination mode in which kids that mess up must sit down, till there’s only two people left standing.


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