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Drama Game: Emotion Party


Jun 25, 2013 Drama Games , 2 Comments

Party Kid Drama Game


Type:  Creativity, Improv


1.  Each player thinks of an emotion

2.  One person (the host) begins in the center of the room, setting up for a party.

3.  The host acts in the manner of his/her emotion.

4.  Another player knocks on the door and is let in by the host.

5.  The new player must act in the manner of his/her emotion.

6.  The first person now begins to act in the manner of the second player’s emotion (having guessed what that emotion is).

7.  A third person knocks and enters with a different emotion.

8.  Now players one and two must independently identify the new player’s emotion and begin to act in the manner of the emotion.

9.  Play continues until all of the players have entered the party.

10.  Players then begin to leave the party, one by one, in the order in which they came and with the emotion he/she demonstrated.

11.  This continues until the first player, the host, is left alone again, and is back acting in the manner of his/her original emotion.


–  Try this activity first without any sounds, forcing the kids to think of how to demonstrate the emotion using only their bodies/expressions/actions.

– Consider adding speaking after doing it once without sound.

– Reflect on which way was most challenging, and why?

– Encourage the students to always be aware of participating in believable activities with other members of the party.


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“It’s not often that I genuinely laugh at material written for this age group or genuinely get a lump in my throat. It’s so rewarding watching my younger actors perform material that doesn’t write down to them.”

Samuel Bush
September 20, 2014


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