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Drama Game: Sound and Motion


Jun 12, 2013 Broadway Shows, Drama Games , , , 3 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Break Out of Shell

Purpose: To get students loose, creative and having fun.


1.  Everyone stands in a circle.

2.  Tell the students you will start with a simple sound and motion that you will pass to the person to your right who will then pass it on and so forth around the circle.

3.  Students should be ready to receive the sound and motion and immediately, without thinking, pass it on. Start with a simple and smallish sound and motion.

4,  Continue until students are responding automatically.

5.  Next say you are going to start with a very small sound and motion, and that each person who gets it must pass it along, but must make it a little bigger. Continue until the sound and motion is huge.

6.  As a last possibility, tell them that they can alter the sound and motion as they make it bigger – challenge them to challenge each other by getting more and more ridiculous – each person having to top the person before them.

Other Variations:

1.  Start sending one sound and motion around. Then, immediately send a new sound and motion going the opposite direction. Try to keep the ongoing flow of sound and motion going around.

NOTE:  This game is simple and has many variations.  It’s recommended, especially when working with image-conscious teens, to start simple and slow and work up to totally crazy.


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