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Drama Game: Alphabet Conversation


Oct 6, 2013 Drama Games 2 Comments

44Type:  Creativity, Improv.


1.  Ask two players to take “the stage”.

2.  They must exchange dialogue in which the first word they speak must begin with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with whichever letter is elected and finishing at the letter just before.

3.  The conversation should make sense and propel action in the scene.

4.  It’s optional to give the players a given situation/scene beforehand.

5.  For example: “Fishing in the middle of a Lake”, starting letter is “D”.

Actor 1: Do you want to add more bait to your hook?
Actor 2:  Eel or should I use squid?
Actor 1:  Forget eel, squid is the way to get the really big fish!
Actor 2:  Gonna give it a shot, here I go!
Actor 1:  Holy cow, nice cast!
Actor 2:  I‘ve been practicing all summer…
etc. etc. etc.

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