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Drama Game: Twin Interview


Nov 2, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Twin Interview Drama GamePurpose:  A great activity to work on teamwork, openness and listening skills.


1.  Randomly group the students into groups of 3.

2.  Each group should choose one person to act as the interviewer, while the other two have to answer as “twins”.

3.  After the interviewer asks a questions, the twins must answer in sync with each other, without discussing the answer between them. They have to listen to each other and speak at the same time with the same words to answer the question.

4.  Give the groups a few minutes to practice.

5.  Ask for a volunteer twin group to take “the stage”.  Have the class (and you) ask them questions one at a time.

6.  Allow several different volunteer twins to have a chance.

7.  After awhile, try moving on to do the same exercise with  groups of at least five, using the same principles, allowing a group of people to respond to questions as a single person with you or the rest of the group asking the questions.


– Was this easy or hard to do? What made it easier? What skills were needed to make it a success?

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