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Drama Game: Beads on a String


Jan 26, 2014 Drama Games , 3 Comments

drama game beadsType: Creativity, Improv

Note: Most appropriate for older kids/teens.


1.  Ask two actors to stand on opposite corners of the stage.  Assign one of them “A” and one of them “B”.

2. Ask them both to take 5 seconds to think of a random phrase. Then ask “A” to share, and immediately after ask “B” to share.

3.  These two phrases become the first and final lines of a story.

4.  One by one, actors are to go on stage and fill up the space between A and B (like beads on a string) and come up with sentences that complete the middle of the story.  (It’s easiest to go in order from A to B)

5.  After the “string” is completed, ask the whole group to repeat the story in order.

6.  The challenge is to have the story make the most sense as possible.

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