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Drama Game: Two Person Environment


Jan 9, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

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1.  In a standing circle, give the students 30 seconds to quietly think of a specific environment. (i.e. The circus, a football game, detention, etc.)

2.  Choose a student to begin by stepping into the circle, instantly beginning to act within the environment she thought of.

3.  The player who was standing to her left in the circle, once she becomes aware of what the environment is, joins the environment.

4.  Player 2 then says one line to Player 1, Player 1 responds, then the scene is over and they take their place back in the circle.

EXAMPLE: Player 1 steps into the circle and immediately begins wiping her brow with sweat. Player 2 enters the circle and looks equally hot and exhausted, and tries to find some last drips of water from her canteen. Player 2 says “I don’t know how you convinced me to go on this hike through the Sahara Desert.” Player 1 says “Well, you said you wanted a vacation in the sun!” Scene is over.

5.  Repeat in pairs going around the circle.

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