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Drama Game: Toilet Paper Icebreaker


Aug 3, 2014 Drama Games , 7 Comments

Toilet Paper Drama GameType: Warm-up, Ensemble Building

Purpose: A fun, simple way to help a new group get familiar with each other.


1.  Have the group sit in a circle.

2.  Hold up a roll of toilet paper. Tell the students you’re going to pass it around the circle, and they can take off as many or as few sheets as they like.

3.  After the roll has gone all the way around the circle, share with them the “twist” to the game: For each sheet that they took, they have to tell the group something about themselves.

4.  EXAMPLE: If Isabel took five sheets, then: 1) I like to dance 2) My favorite color is purple 3) I have a dog named Sammy 4) This summer I went to Hawaii 5) I’m really afraid of snakes.

5.  Not only will the group learn from the information each student shares, but you will also learn personalities based on who took a lot of sheets and who took only a few.

6  OPTION: Afterwards, have everyone throws their sheet into the center. This represents all the new information we now know about each other.

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