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Drama Game: Two-Headed Monster


Aug 14, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

drama game monsterType: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A simple game that helps kids work together and be creative at the same time.


1.  Ask two students to take the stage and link arms.

2.  They are now a two-headed monster. As a two-headed monster, they talk in one-word turns, keeping the same personality.

4.  Ask the class for a suggestion of an “object” or “place”.

5. The monster must tell a story about that object or place, making it up as they go along.


–  Encourage the students to tell a story that has a beginning, middle and end.

–  Encourage the students to make a strong physical and character choice for their monster.

–  The “two-headed monster” can be used within any other improv activity.


– Instead of alternating word for word, the students from syllables and words at the same time.

– Consider trying a “three-headed” monster after the kids have become familiar with the activity.

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