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Drama Game: Why Are You Late?!


May 18, 2015 Drama Games , 19 Comments

Drama Game Why Are You Late?Type: Creativity, Improv

Procedure: A fun improv game that includes a lot of players.


1.  Ask six players to take the stage. Choose four of the players to be “officer workers”, one player to be the “boss”, and one player to be the “late worker”.

2.  The “officer workers” should sit facing the audience, miming typing on a computer.

3. The “boss” and “late worker” leave the room while the “officer workers” come up with a reason why the “late worker” is late. (i.e. Her hair got caught in the dishwasher!, Her car got crushed by a dinosaur!, etc.)

4. Once the “office workers” have decided, they go back to typing at their computers. The “boss” enters and stands with his back to the office workers so he can’t see them. Then the “late worker” enters and faces the boss. The “late worker” can see the “officer workers”, but the “boss” can’t.

5. The “boss” asks the “late worker” So, why are you late?!

6. The “officer workers” mime out the reason for lateness behind the “boss’” back and the “late worker” has to guess what it is.

7. At anytime, the “boss” can turn around to face the “office workers” – if he catches one of them not typing, that “officer worker” is fired and must leave the office.

8. The game ends when the “late worker” guesses the correct reason for lateness, or the “boss” fires all the “office workers”.


–  The more silly the reason for lateness, the better!
–  The number of “office workers” can vary.

Have a suggestion for a reason the office worker is late? Leave it in the comments below!

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