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Drama Game: Index Card


Jun 22, 2015 Drama Games 7 Comments

ice breaker index cardType: Ensemble Building

Purpose: A simple game that helps kids get to know each other. Great to play in the beginning of a semester or if you feel the class needs to better work as an ensemble.



1.  Give every student a blank index card.

2.  Tell the students to write one thing that no one knows about them.

3.  Collect the cards, shuffle them, then randomly hand one to each student.

4.  The students must figure out who wrote the card, without directly asking.

5.  Gather the group, have each student share how they figured it out.


1.  Feel free to customize whatever you prompt the students to write on their card.

2.  For example, you could have them write three things: favorite subject, favorite place they’ve ever visited, favorite song.

3.  After each student finds the correct student who wrote the card, have them introduce themselves and tell them a little bit more about their choices.


– favorite movie
– favorite time of day
– scariest nightmare
– favorite musical
– least favorite food
– favorite type of character to play
– favorite subject

Have ideas for other prompts? Leave them in the comments below!

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