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Drama Game: A Fine, Fine Line


Sep 30, 2015 Drama Games 3 Comments

Theatre Game Line ActivityType: Ensemble Building

Purpose: A fun simple game that allows students to creatively work together.


1.  Divide the class into groups of 6-8 players.

2.  Ask a group to take the stage.

3.  Instruct them to arrange themselves in a line in order of height. When they are finished they must call out “We’re a fine, fine line, whoo!” (Or have the kids come up with their own silly phrase.)

4.  Repeat the game with various groups giving each one a different criteria:

– age
– shoe color (light to dark, dark to light)
– shoe size
– alphabetically (first name, middle name, last name)
– hair color (light to dark, dark to light)
– have other ideas? leave them in the comments below!


– Have each group come up with their own criteria. After they’ve created their line, have the rest of the class guess what it was.

– For older groups, consider assigning each group a “line leader”. This “line leader” is the only person who can speak when organizing the line. He/she can ask questions to his/her group, but they can only respond with nods or head shakes.

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