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Drama Game: Paper Affirmation


Oct 7, 2016 Drama Games 1 Comment

Ensemble Building Activity Paper Affirmation

Type: Ensemble Building

Purpose: A great activity to introduce if you feel like there are some issues with the group dynamics. This activity will make everyone feel good and provide everyone with a little boost of confidence. It should be played after the group is already a little familiar with each other.


1. Have everyone sit in a circle.

2. Give each player a sheet of paper and have them write their name at the top of it.

3. Place all the papers in the center of the circle.

4. Ask each player to draw a sheet from the center (not their own) and ask them to write one positive word (or a sentence) about that person. They should write this at the bottom of the sheet.

5. They tell them to fold the paper up to cover up the word/sentence they wrote.

6. Have them place the sheet back in the center and repeat on another sheet. (Remind the players that this is a silent activity.)

7. Players will continue to select other’s sheets from the circle to write affirming words on, until the name at the top is the only thing showing on the paper. (The players should be folding up the paper in a continuous way so that other players cannot see what has been previously written.)

8. Distribute the papers to the owners and give them a few minutes to read. Reflect as a group.

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