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Putting on a Show: How do I get my kids excited about a musical they've never heard of?


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The spring musical is around the corner…whoo hoo!

This is the time when drama and music teachers have a chance to shine. 

A chance to put up a show your kids will never forget.

But this time of year can also come with a lot of questions…

For experienced drama teachers, how do you keep yourself (and your audiences) from getting bored of repeat Jr. versions that everyone else is doing?

And if you’re a new teacher doing your first show….where do you even start?

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be answering some of your top questions when it comes to doing a Beat by Beat musical.

So let’s get started:

How do I get my kids, and community, excited about a show they’ve never heard of?

It’s understandable when people say, “I’ll pick out a mainstream title that will be guaranteed to draw an audience, and that the kids already know all the songs to…”

These popular titles are popular for a reason…we all love them! Either as movies or adult musicals.

The problem is, they weren’t written to be performed by kids. They often include subjects and themes (like romance) that aren’t really appropriate for younger actors. 

Plus, everyone and their moms have seen them before. And the cost of these shows are escalating, which leave you little room for anything else given your already tight budget.

For those that want to build a solid drama program that will be the highlight of the year, this coming spring and every year, you need to bring something fresh to the stage. Stories and songs that people in your town have never experienced before. 

Kids want to play roles tailor-made for them. Parents want their child to have a moment to shine. Audiences want to be truly entertained.

That’s what you’ll get with a Beat by Beat musical. 

Performances that are done time and time again blend in. What’s fresh stands out and is remembered.

A great way to get kids stoked about a musical they’ve never heard of is by sharing with them full performance videos of talented kids their age acting, singing and dancing the musical. 

You can find these videos on YouTube at the links below:

The Grunch – Full Length Video

Giants in the Sky – Full Length Video

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever – Full Length Video

Space Pirates – Full Length Video

We Are Monsters – Full Length Video

Musicville – Full Length Video

And check out the comments below the videos. It’s become a place where kids who perform in the shows connect. You can just feel their excitement!

Here’s a screenshot of one thread (try to ignore the innocent typos :)

Many schools and theaters have already caught the buzz. But if you need more reasons to get your staff or parents on board, here are just a few we’re very proud of:

  • 6 of our musicals won the top prize at the Children’s Musical Theatre Festival (The Broadway Workshop) in New York City
  • There have been over 1,800 productions of our musicals across 60 countries worldwide

You can read the entire script to all our musicals for FREE by requesting an ePerusal. A convenient download link will be delivered directly to your inbox. You can forward the ePerusal to the principal or other teachers at your school so they can get comfortable with the show.

This way all your team members can be 100% sure you’re picking the perfect show for your group.

Once you take the lead in selecting a Beat by Beat show for your spring musical you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision. You’re in great company. We guarantee that after the performance, you’ll have given your kids and community a rewarding experience that they will thank you for–over, and over, and over again.

To get started on your spring musical, simply click here to fill out a production request form.

What are some of your top concerns on this year’s spring musical? We want to hear from you. Just send me an email at 

& The Beat by Beat Team


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