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Drama Game: MeYouYouMe Name Game


Jan 28, 2018 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Purpose: A fun, quick game to help learn the names of everyone in the class.


1. Have the students stand in a single line.

2. The 1st student in line (i.e. Marc) turns to the 2nd student in line (i.e. Rachel) and initiates the following script (taken from the name of the game, Me You You Me!)

Marc says his own name… “Marc” (me)
Rachel says her own name… “Rachel” (you)
Marc says Rachel’s name… “Rachel” (you)
Rachel says Marc’s name… “Marc” (me)

3. Marc then moves to the next person in line and does the same thing.

4. He continues with everyone down the line until he ends up standing at the opposite end from which he started.

5. Now the new head of the line (in this case Rachel) does the same thing, all way down the line until she ends up at the end.

6. After the class becomes comfortable with the pattern, encourage them to speed up and do it as quickly as possible (while still speaking loud and clearly).

7. Continue until everyone has had a chance to go down the line.

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