New musical plays for kids and teaching drama resources.

Drama Game: Comic Strip


Sep 6, 2016 Drama Games 0 Comments

Type: Ensemble Building, Creativity Preparation: Cut out the individual frames of comic strips and mix them in a bowl. You should have one frame for every student in the class. Procedure: 1. Ask every student to come up and draw one frame from the bowl and keep it to themselves. 2. After each student has chosen, they [...]

Drama Game: Reflection Web


Aug 16, 2016 Drama Games 2 Comments

Type: Ensemble Building Purpose: A fun, calm activity to play at the end of a session to reflect on the day’s lesson and to reinforce the ensemble. Materials: A ball of yarn. Procedure: 1. At the end of a session/rehearsal, have the class sit in a large circle. 2. Tell the students to close their eyes. Give the students [...]

Drama Game: Malapropism


Aug 2, 2016 Drama Games , 0 Comments

  Type: Warm-up, Creativity Purpose: A simple short activity to help students relax and break down barriers to creativity. Definition: A malapropism is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound, resulting in a nonsensical, often humorous utterance. Procedure: 1. Have the students walk around the room. 2. As they walk [...]

Drama Game: Questions


Jul 6, 2016 Drama Games , 3 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A popular improv game that will help students think beyond the most obvious answer. Procedure: 1. Divide the class into two lines, in which the heads of the lines face each other centerstage. 2. Give the students a prompt or setting. 3. The heads of each line come together and interact based on the prompt, but they [...]

Drama Game: The Great Booga Booga Booga


Jun 5, 2016 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Creativity, Improv Procedure: 1.  Ask 3 players to take the stage. 2. One player sits cross-legged, another kneels behind him, and another stands behind him. They have their hands clasped together as if praying and heads bowed. Together, they make up The Great Booga Booga Booga, an oracle-type being that can answer any question [...]

Drama Game: MacGyver


May 9, 2016 Drama Games , 2 Comments

  Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A fun improv activity for slightly older students. Procedure: 1. First, you may want to tell the class that MacGyver was a very popular U.S. TV series in the 1980s/90s about a secret agent who solves complex problems with everyday ordinary objects. 2. In this activity they will all get a chance to be [...]

Drama Game: The Huddle


Apr 20, 2016 Drama Games , 0 Comments

  Type: Focus, Ensemble Building Purpose: 1. Instruct the class to quietly and slowly create a huddle (standing close together, arms around each other’s shoulders). 2. Tell them to close their eyes and be completely silent. 3. Lead them through one minute of slow and deep inhales and exhales. 4. When they are relaxed, ask them [...]

Drama Game: Word Circle Improv


Mar 30, 2016 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A simple game to use before introducing kids to improvisation. Procedure: 1. Have the class stand in a circle facing in. 2. Place a marker at the feet of one student (the marker could be anything but should be large enough to not be missed, i.e. a large book, or binder, or even a [...]

Drama Game: Lie to Me


Mar 14, 2016 Drama Games , 7 Comments

Type: Improv, Creativity Purpose: A fun and simple beginning improv game where 2 players work together. Procedure: 1. Ask two players to take the stage and face the class (the audience). 2. The two players have a close relationship (siblings or best friends). 3. Explain that you will ask the players a question about something mischievous they [...]