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Putting on a Show: How do I get my kids excited about a musical they’ve never heard of?


Dec 19, 2017 Arts Education, Children's Plays, Children's Theatre, Plays for Kids, Putting on a Show, Teaching Drama 0 Comments

The spring musical is around the corner…whoo hoo! This is the time when drama and music teachers have a chance to shine.  A chance to put up a show your kids will never forget. But this time of year can also come with a lot of questions… For experienced drama teachers, how do you keep [...]

The World’s Trickiest Tongue Twister


Dec 5, 2013 Arts Education 0 Comments

Here at Beat by Beat we love tongue twisters (so much so that we compiled a gigantic list of them to use with kids here.) However it was revealed on the TODAY show this morning that M.I.T. researchers have come up with the world’s trickiest. Ready for it?  Here you go, say it five times fast: [...]

Drama Game: How to Begin Creating an Ensemble on Day 1


Apr 2, 2013 Arts Education, Drama Games , , , , 13 Comments

If your students aren’t working together and respecting each other, your production will suffer. It’s important from Day 1 to establish a positive ensemble that understands they’re working together toward the same goal. Often on the first day of rehearsal/class kids are coming from all different backgrounds, age groups and experience. It can be intimidating [...]

Children’s Musical Theatre Publisher Goes Global in its First Year of Business


Jun 25, 2012 Arts Education, Children's Plays, Children's Theatre , , , , , 0 Comments

After winning audiences across the U.S., Beat by Beat Press brings its unique children’s musicals to Germany and the Caribbean.  NEW YORK, NY, June 26, 2012 – Beat by Beat Press (, a new online publisher of musicals for young performers, announced today that its original shows will debut internationally with productions slated in Frankfurt, Germany [...]

2 Ways to Regain Focus When Rehearsing Your Children’s Play or Musical


Oct 4, 2011 Arts Education, Children's Theatre, Production Tools 0 Comments

When rehearsing with children it’s helpful to have a couple fun, “go-to” tools to help you regain their focus or transition to a different activity. While I’ve seen literally dozens of ways to do this, in the video below I describe two of my favorite that I use over and over again…because they work. Let [...]

Beat by Beat Press Redefines Children’s Musical Theatre Publishing


Jun 28, 2011 Arts Education, Children's Theatre 0 Comments

New Musical Plays Now Available for Schools and Community Theaters   New York, NY, June 28, 2011  – Beat by Beat Press, an online children’s musical theatre publisher launches, bringing directors and teachers new high-quality musicals created by a team of talented writers and educators from New York City.  Schools and community theaters no [...]

Bringing Arts to Communities, One Piano at a Time


Jun 24, 2011 Arts Education, Children's Theatre 1 Comment

What better way to bring arts to communities than by literally bringing arts into communities? On June 18th, Sing for Hope placed 88 beautifully decorated pianos throughout public spaces of New York City.  The goal?  Bring people together through music. I couldn’t help but think of the famous “Field of Dreams” quote when thinking about [...]

Songwriting with Brooklyn 5th Graders


Jun 2, 2011 Arts Education 0 Comments

A few months ago, Gwynne Watkins and I were asked if we would do a songwriting workshop for a group of 5th graders at a public school in Brooklyn. Gwynne is an extremely talented writer, playwright, and lyricist.  She also happens to be my very good friend and collaborator.  We wrote Tea with Chachaji together. [...]

What is a “Teaching Artist”?


May 17, 2011 Arts Education 0 Comments

When I first moved to New York in 2000, I had never heard of the term “Teaching Artist”.  To be frank, when I heard it the first time it sounded a bit silly to me…like some made up profession. I’ve learned since then that teaching artists are very much the back-bone of arts education in [...]