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Create your own cover of the song “The Show Must Go Online”


Apr 9, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 2 Comments

  On Monday we released the world’s first virtual children’s musical The Show Must Go Online. Today we’re releasing the title song as a free download so your students can make their own covers for YouTube! This free download comes with the vocal track, backing track, lyric sheet, and lead sheet. You have permission to [...]

The Show Must Go Online: Beat by Beat Press creates a virtual children’s musical to help drama programs affected by COVID-19


Apr 8, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 1 Comment

– World’s first musical written to be rehearsed and performed remotely –  Provides kids a final “virtual” performance with their classmates –  Offered as a “pay-what-you-can” model to help those in need Beat by Beat Press has released the world’s first virtual children’s musical, The Show Must Go Online, with the goal of helping theatre [...]

The Show Must Go Online: Update and FAQ


Apr 3, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 3 Comments

  We’re thrilled to announce that we’re beating our projected timeline! Our new virtual children’s musical The Show Must Go Online will be available for instant download on Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 9AM EST! This musical is specifically written to be rehearsed and performed remotely Typically it takes a year for us to develop [...]

The Show Must Go Online: Song Preview


Mar 31, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 6 Comments

  We’ve received an incredible response from the Beat by Beat community regarding our plan to create a musical that can be rehearsed and performed remotely. Many of you have expressed how disappointed your students have been to have their performances cancelled. How as teachers you were at a loss and searching for solutions to [...]

Introducing…The Show Must Go Online! A Virtual Children’s Musical


Mar 31, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 17 Comments

  [Update April 6, 2020: This show is now available! Click here to learn more.] It breaks our heart to hear that so many theatre performances have been postponed or cancelled. This means there are so many actors out there that won’t have a chance for a final performance. So we wanted to come up [...]

4 Ways to Brush Up Your Improv at Home


Mar 25, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 5 Comments

By Mel Paradis (author of Teaching Improv: The Essential Handbook) I feel grateful for my improv roots right now. It’s helping me navigate the uncertainty of each coming day. When I start losing my mind (new choice), toilet paper (new choice), hand sanitizer (new choice), banana peels (go on…), I realize I need to take [...]

Remote Drama Activity: Virtual Monologues (15 FREE Monologues from Beat by Beat)


Mar 16, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 9 Comments

  The following activity is a great exercise for teachers looking for ways to help kids practice and showcase their acting skills remotely. Additionally, virtual auditioning (or self-taping) has become more and more popular, and this is a great introduction into how that process works. To help facilitate the activity, Beat by Beat is offering [...]

Remote Drama Activity: Family Fairy Tale


Mar 15, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 5 Comments

Contributed by Cindy Reardon on the Facebook Group: Theatre Education Distance Learning (Resource Sharing and Support Network). Edited by Beat by Beat Press. Family Fairy Tales Give students a list of 6-10 fairytales or children’s book. They must choose a book and read it with their family. They must create a board of six tableau [...]

Sample Daily Schedules for Kids at Home During School Closures


Mar 15, 2020 Remote Drama Activities 0 Comments

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