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A Virtual Nativity Play to save your Christmas season!


Are you looking for a nativity play that you can easily, and safely, perform with your kids this year?


Introducing The Good News Goes Viral, a virtual nativity play specifically written to be rehearsed and performed remotely. It tells the story of Jesus’ birth in a fun and lighthearted way as communicated through video messages between biblical characters.

These videos can be recorded safely at home by kids using props and costumes found around the house. When all the videos are played in order, we learn how everyone from Joseph, to the Magi, and yes, even a Donkey, react to the “good news” as it spreads around the world!


With this play you’ll get:


How does it work?

This play is inspired by the question: What would happen if biblical characters had to communicate the same way as we do in this time of social distancing? Through video calls.

It begins with an Angel, sharing a very important video message to Mary, and continues through the perspectives of 10 other biblical characters, including Joseph, an Innkeeper, the Magi, the Shepherds, and of course, Mary.

Each child is assigned a character and records their one-minute scene on video. When all the videos are played together they tell the story of Jesus’ birth.

This play was written by Gwynne Watkins, the same award-winning playwright of WOW!, The Mysterious Animal, and The Mixed-Up Christmas Pageant. Her contemporary and unique nativity plays for kids have sold tens of thousands of copies all over the globe.

Click here to read a FREE perusal script of the play.

(Some scenes are omitted and may only be found in the purchased version.)


A FREE bonus gift!


We know everything is a bit more challenging this year, so as a gift to you with the purchase of this play you’ll receive a FREE download of our popular Christmas Singles Collection ($35 Value). This collection contains 10 traditional hymns orchestrated and arranged for kids to perform along with. You’ll receive 10 high-quality MP3s of each instrumental track. You can use these within your presentation of The Good News Goes Viral, or hold on to them and use in the future for any purpose within your congregation.



Download your script and bonus gift today.

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The Good News Goes Viral: Virtual Nativity Play

✓  The Full Script with 11 Virtual Scenes (PDF, 32-pages)
✓  Virtual Production Guide (PDF, 10 pages)
✓  Instant download 
✓  A lifetime license to perform within your organization
✓  FREE Christmas Singles Collection ($35 Value)
✓  A 30-day no-risk guarantee!

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This show is written with all the humor and heart that you would expect from a Beat by Beat play. You have our personal guarantee that if you aren’t completely satisfied, if your community does not love this play, call or email us within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny.