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Group Scenes to Showcase Every Actor in Your Drama Class!

Acting Scenes for Kids to Perform

. Contemporary Scenes for Young Actors With 3+ Characters

Scene work is a crucial part of developing the skills of your acting students. But if you have a large class, it’s not always practical to rehearse scenes in pairs or trios due to time constraints.

ENTER: Group Scenes for Young Actors!

This new eBook provides larger groups of actors the chance to perform in instantly engaging scenes that are written with themes, characters and subject matter specifically tailored to performers age 7-14. All with the same high-quality and contemporary style you’ve come to expect from Beat by Beat.

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Get Everyone Involved

Do you find working on monologues and partner scenes often leaves the rest of the class restless?

Group Scenes for Young Actors helps you showcase more students from your drama class while reinforcing the crucial skill of acting as an ensemble. You will give your actors more opportunities to perform, and your students will fully understand how each character is integral in moving a scene forward.

We all know receiving notes from a director is an important part of being an actor. With group scenes, you’ll be able to share your acting notes to your students in fewer scenes…allowing a more efficient rehearsal process during your time-constrained sessions.


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“These are brilliant, relatable, funny, smart, witty, and powerful scenes. Kids will really connect with almost every theme presented and I think some of the messages and images will stick with them for awhile. I love how each scene gives the actor an opportunity to work on physicality. I wish I had scenes like this growing up…so many themes felt outdated as a kid but with these, kids will be able to draw from their own experiences to enhance the process. WAY TO GO!” – Joanna F.

“I wish I had this at the start of the year! These are much more age appropriate for the level I teach! I love the ones Theatrefolk offer but the topics are usually too “old’ for my students and too long and wordy. These seem like the perfect length. I already know how I’m incorporating some of these into lessons.” – Jaime J.


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Acting Scenes for Kids
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✓ 77-page eBook with 32 high-quality scenes for kids and teens age 7-14
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At Beat by Beat we’re passionate about raising the bar on the quality of resources that are available for young actors…and this eBook is no exception.

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About the Playwright

JESSICA PENZIAS is an award-winning librettist and playwright. As an associate at Jill Furman Productions, Jessica aided in the development and production of Hamilton and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway. She is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the Tony Award-honored BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Librettists’ Workshop, and the 92Y Musical Theater Development Lab. She holds a degree in creative writing and theatre arts from the University of Pennsylvania.