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* New 2019 Release *

What happens when kids show up to perform a traditional Christmas Pageant…in their Halloween costumes?!

That’s what happens in this contemporary spin on a traditional nativity play. It’s up to Leslie to improvise her way through the story of Jesus’ birth in a hilarious and heartfelt way that connects biblical figures with modern day superheroes and more.

In the end everyone learns that its OK to be a little “mixed-up” – sometimes it all happens for a reason.

There are 5 carols throughout that allow participation by the whole audience.

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✔  The full script (12 pages) with hymn lyrics
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The MUSIC KIT includes the following for the 5 hymns in the play:
✔  Piano-Vocal Sheet Music (PDF): Refreshing contemporary arrangements in keys ideal for young voices (click for a preview)
✔  Accompaniment/Backing Tracks (MP3s): Professionally orchestrated tracks that the kids can perform along with, perfectly matching the Piano-Vocal Sheet Music.
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Use the player to the left to listen to the backing tracks. All materials are provided instantly via download only.

Age: Lower-Upper Elementary/Middle School
17 Pages (PDF)
Length:  20-30 minutes (dependent on length of hymns)
Cast Size: 11 to 15+
Number of Songs:  5

The script contains the following hymns that can be adapted as desired:

1. O Holy Night
2. Silent Night
3. Go Tell it on the Mountain
4. The First Noel
5. Jingle Bells (Optional Finale)

FREE Read Perusal Script
Buy Script Only ($35)
Buy Script + Music Kit ($65)



CAST SIZE: 11 to 15+ 
(including 3 large speaking roles, 8 small speaking roles, and ensemble)

NOTE ON CASTING: Besides the characters of Mary and Joseph, and perhaps Herod, none of the roles in this play are written to be gender-specific. 

Reverend: An adult. High-strung.

Leslie: An adult. Not usually in charge of kids.

Narrator: A kid. Any costume will do. (Role can be expanded to multiple narrators.)

Gabriel: A kid dressed as an angel.

Mary: A kid dressed as a superhero who saves the world (such as: Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Superman).

Joseph: A kid dressed as a helper we can count on (such as: a police officer, a firefighter, Sheriff Woody).

Herod: A kid dressed as King Herod, who puts on the mask or costume of a villain (such as: Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, a vampire, the Joker).

Magi: Two or more kids dressed as characters who are scholars, scientists, very wise, and/or royalty (Such as: Harry Potter, Hermione, Gandalf, Yoda, Glinda the Good Witch, mad scientist, princess).

Star: Kid dressed in a sparkly or shiny costume.

Dragon: Kid dressed as a dragon. Can substitute with a unicorn, dinosaur, kangaroo or other unlikely animal.

Animals: Kids wearing animal costumes, including Dragon.

Angels: Kids wearing angel costumes, or wearing halos and wings with their Halloween costumes. 

Shepherds: Kids wearing any costume. 

Interjecting Kid: Anyone from the three groups above.


About the Author

GWYNNE WATKINS is a playwright and lyricist.  Her work for children includes the musicals Tea with Chachaji (Making Books Sing, NYC) and Space Pirates! (Garden Players, Forest Hills NY), the three-play series In Between Worlds (New Players, Ridgewood NJ), and Wow!, a nativity play for churches. Gwynne is an alumnus of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and a member of the Dramatists Guild.  A professional journalist, she lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and son.

Little Gwynne

Little Gwynne