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The Grunch Musical ✩  WINNER! 2012 Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, NYC  ✩

Inspired by “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, The Grunch tells the story of Rudy Grunch, a grumpy 6th grader who always feels like an outsider. When the entire school gets excited about the annual school musical, he comes up with a perfect plan to ruin it for everyone; he’ll steal the sets, costumes and lights the night before it opens. But will the spirit of theatre prevail?

Run-Time:  60-minutes
Age:  Upper Elementary/Middle School
Cast Size:  20+
Themes:  Teamwork, Community, Collaboration

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I have never had a cast SO enthusiastic to perform a show before!
I have directed our drama productions for the past 13 years, and I have never had a cast SO enthusiastic to perform a show before!  From the very beginning, they were engaged with every aspect of putting the show together. They liked the story, but were totally hooked when they heard the music! This was also a first for us and made this show such an amazing experience for the kids and the adults involved! In the past, I have ordered from several other drama companies for our elementary drama club productions. It was a very tedious process to order a perusal script and rarely did I find a company who provided audio samples of the music. I was so happy to find Beat by Beat Press through a generic Google search! Every experience I had with your company, from the customer service I received to the delivery of the production kit, was BY FAR the most positive, professional, efficient experience I have had, ever. The production kit was comprehensive; it included everything a director could hope to have in a director edition and actor script, and the fact that the actor edition of the script was also an electronic copy made it easy to print exactly the number of scripts that we needed. Our young actors, ever the eager thespians, loved that the soundtrack was available online to help them rehearse songs at home. In fact, after the show I was asked by many students what next year’s show will be already. I  look forward to choosing next year’s production and seeing what new, fresh shows you will be writing in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with every new generation of actors!
Melissa G. – Waters Landing Elementary School (Germantown, MD)

The kids and I absolutely love the lyrics and the message.
Many parents and teachers commented that The Grunch was their favorite of all the musicals we have done. As for me, I loved the comedy, the catchy melodies, and especially the positive message and emotions that all of us were steeped in for weeks throughout the rehearsal period. Your heart-warming musical brought out the best in all of us, and we were proud to share such an uplifting story with our friends and families. I am deeply grateful to all of you at Beat by Beat Press for providing our school with the quality material with which to create exactly the kind of empowering theatrical experiences that we most want to share with our students!
Emily K. – Reed Elementary School (San Jose, CA)

Our performances of The Grunch were smashingly successful!
The students absolutely loved the show and the audience simply ate it up! As one who has spent countless hours desperately hunting for an elementary musical with any resemblance of quality either in the music or drama, I cannot commend you highly enough for your brilliant work in writing this show! It was so refreshing to work with a product of such high quality! The music captivated the students from the very beginning and the engaging story line made the staging of the show both entertaining and just plain fun! Thank you for creating this show! And at the risk of sounding like I am begging – Please write more!!!! :)
Jason M. – Cayuga Heights Elementary School (Depew, NY)

The kids and I absolutely love the lyrics and the message
This plot and the words they sing are life-changing. I know my kids will be leaving with a sense of pride for what they’ve accomplished!
Michelle M. – StageKids (Wenatchee, WA)

Everyone who came adored the show!
Oak Hills Elementary PTO opened our production of “The Grunch” last night to two very full houses. Everyone who came adored the show! Thank you so much for all you do to help us expose our kids to the arts at young ages. “The Grunch” is such a sweet love letter to the theatre…ALL aspects of it! Not only a great production for kids, but also a fantastic way to emphasize why it is we do what we do. We ARE all part of the magic!!!
Jennifer Y. – Oak Hills Elementary (Beaverton, OR)

We had so much fun preparing and performing The Grunch!
It was certainly the best musical we have ever done in my ten years at Larmenier School.
It was performed by our four Primary classes (Grades 3 – 6) and they were very excited when I told them about your email. Thank you again and we look forward to using more of your musicals in the future.
Judy R. – Larmenier Catholic Primary School (Launceston, TAS, Australia)

In LOVE with your musicals
Thank you for Monsters and The Grunch. I have choreographed both shows for The Attic and LOVED being inspired by your music which allowed me to teach them about Bob Fosse, Hal Prince and legendary choreographers. Keep up the great work! The music in THE GRUNCH is especially beautiful and everytime “All Part of the Magic” is sung by our 3 girls, I cry.
Tracey G. – Attic Community Theatre (Santa Ana, CA)

You’re refreshingly unDisney :)
The songs were unbelievably (and instantly!) engaging, and the kids sang them with gusto! many of the parents and audience members remarked that they couldn’t (and still can’t) get the songs out of their heads! it was such a fun show (in which every cast member starred!) with loads of heart; a dramatic expression of the core philosophy of town hall kids! thanks again for creating that lovely story and making it available!
Claire S. – Town Hall Kids (Ontario, Canada)

We have really loved working on The Grunch
Huge thanks to everyone at Beat by Beat Press for creating such a fantastic show! We have really loved working on The Grunch–the great music, the humor, and the heart have made this a very special three months.
Leigh D. – Reed Elementary School (San Jose, CA)

We had a great production of The Grunch!
I expanded the cast and solos (reassigned parts and added maybe 20 lines) so that 75 kids spoke and/or sang solo. Every one of them LOVED the show and felt truly engaged and important. YEAH!! Thanks for the amazing show. Everyone loved it!! Can’t wait to try another BBB Press show!
Nichole S. – Gold Camp Elementary (Colorado Springs, CO)

I have NEVER found one this good
I can NOT say enough about how fabulous our experience has been dealing with Beat by Beat Press! Not only is the quality of the music and the writing stellar – having searched high and low for appropriate elementary level musicals, I have NEVER found one this good – the customer service has been impeccable as well. We will be working with them again!
Amanda B. – Good Sam Arts (Tallahassee, FL)

Weeks after the shows I am still humming the songs
I am a drama teacher at a private school and run an intense theater camp in the summer. Every time I choose a play by a different publisher I am disappointed. The Beat by Beat shows allow all kids to shine and create opportunities for differentiated instruction. Plus I enjoy directing them. Weeks after the shows I am still humming the songs.
Alissa R. – Creative Dramatics (Kirkwood, MO)

Great service. Great website. Awesome scripts!
Thanks for providing our younger performers with brilliant shows that are fun, have clever songs and are truly entertaining to direct and watch!
Katrina P. – Perth Youth Theatre (Wembley, WA, Australia)

Absolutely love this company!!
I have directed The Grunch and we are currently in production of Space Pirates! Love the shows and the company.
Jenny S. – Nazareth Intermediate School (Nazareth, PA)


It’s a brand new year at the Whoover Academy. Harper and Jaden arrive early, excitedly discussing all the musicals they saw over the summer. Rudy Grunch, a grumpy 6th grader, enters and becomes annoyed that all they ever talk about is musical theatre. As the rest of the Whoover Drama Club arrives, they enthusiastically describe why theatre is their only passion (ONLY THE THEATRE FOR ME).

Under the bleachers in the gym, Grunch laments to his younger cousin Mills how much he dreads the annual school musical (MORE LIKE ME). When Mills reminds Grunch that his aunt is the theatre critic of the New York Times, Grunch suddenly devises the perfect plan to ruin the theatre program permanently; he’ll join the musical, invite his aunt to come review the show, then the night before steal all the sets, costumes and props, ensuring they get the worst review ever!

The next day the Whoover Drama Club meets for their first day of class. Principal Augustus enters and delivers the bad news that their drama teacher won’t be returning this year, so the club must be cancelled. In a desperate attempt to save their program, the kids offer to write and direct the show themselves (WE’RE GONNA WRITE A MUSICAL)! At the end of class Grunch enters and shocks everyone by asking to join the club.

Meanwhile, in New York City the nation’s top theatre critics have gathered incognito to discuss the troubled state of their industry (HOW CAN A CRITIC). When Mrs. Grunch, the head critic of the New York Times, receives a call from her nephew Rudy about an exciting new musical being written at the Whoover Academy, she convinces the other critics that this may be just what they need to pep up their reviews!

Two weeks into rehearsal, the Whoover Drama Group is busy working on their musical. Principal Augustus enters to announce that every major theatre critic will be coming to see their show. They explode in excitement thanking Grunch for reaching out to his aunt. Recognizing that Grunch doesn’t quite share the same level of enthusiasm, the Drama Group tries to cheer him up with a little theatre “secret” (JAZZ HANDS).

The Junior Stars, the smallest members of the Whoover Drama Group, are separately rehearsing their number for the musical with their teacher Mrs. Woods. They have been assigned to play the “flowers”, a role they are not at all happy about. They tell Principal Augustus and Mrs. Woods what they’d really like to sing about (THREE FEET TALL).

On a train en route to the Whoover Academy, the theatre critics discuss (a la “The Music Man”) how much they hope this play will give them something exciting to review. (THE TRAIN TO WHOOVER)

Rachel, Allen and Jamie, students who assist backstage, are in the theatre putting on some finishing touches. A reporter enters, asking a series of questions on whether they’re jealous about not being in the spotlight. Their heartfelt confession on the joys of being part of the magic helps shed light on each of their important roles (ALL PART OF THE MAGIC).

The day before the show opens, Grunch and Mills revel in how everything is going perfectly to plan. Suddenly, the Junior Stars enter and beg Grunch to give his honest feedback on their number. He reluctantly agrees to help them rehearse, but as the song progresses we see Grunch have a slight change of heart (IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING). After the Junior Stars exit, Grunch quickly shakes it off and vows to go on with his plan (MORE LIKE ME).

The night before the show the Whoover Drama Group gathers for one last rehearsal, proud of what they’ve accomplished so far (ALL PART OF THE MAGIC REPRISE). As soon as they exit, Grunch and Mills sneak in and steal all the sets, costumes and props!

It’s the night of the performance. The critics arrive and are greeted by Principal Augustus and Mrs. Woods. As they take their seats, the Drama Group enters backstage only to find that everything is missing! Harper reminds the group that theatre is about telling stories and not dependent on fancy sets and costumes. So with a “show-must-go-on” attitude they begin performing their play on a dark, empty stage (THE WHOOVER MUSICAL). To Grunch’s surprise, the critics enthusiastically applaud after the opening number! As the show continues, the audience becomes wildly entertained, loving every bit of it. As the Junior Stars take the stage, Grunch simply can’t hold back any longer and joins in with the rest of the cast. Just before the finale, he runs offstage and brings back all the costumes and props he had stolen!

The critics rush the stage congratulating the cast on an amazing performance. Grunch, having felt the joy of performing with an ensemble, apologizes to the entire drama group. The cast learns a valuable lesson that you can take away sets, props and costumes, but you can never take away the spirit of theatre (ALL PART OF THE MAGIC FINALE).


RUDY GRUNCH – despises musicals, outsider
MILLS – Grunch’s loyal younger cousin

HARPER – musical theatre fanatic
JAYDEN – student director
LESLIE – dramatic, leading lady
CHRIS – really into ping-pong
COLLIN – obsessed with Shakespeare
RACHEL – stage manager
ROBYN – lawyer type
JAVIER – aspiring star
ALEX – piano player
JAMIE – costume designer
ALLEN – lighting designer
ISADORA – choreographer

PRINCIPAL AUGUSTUS – has a tendency to misspeak simple words
MRS. WOODS – has been teaching little kids for WAY too long

NEW YORK TIMES (Mrs. Grunch)
CRITICS CHORUS (optional & flexible)

JUNIOR STARS CHORUS (optional & flexible)





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