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Noble Gnarble Kids PlayOverview

The ocean floor is filled with the rarest of creatures, but none are as rare as gnarbles. Their fins are small, their tails are floppy, and they have never strayed far from their homes…until now. Journey of the Noble Gnarble is a story of a little gnarble with a big dream, who tries to make it past doubting blyfish, sneaky subbalubbles, and hungry plinks on his way to the surface of the sea. Along the way he befriends the glinny glims who teach him the importance of positivity and determination!

Run-Time:  25-minutes
Age:  Lower Elementary/Upper Elementary
Cast Size:  19+
Themes:  Persistence, Achieving Goals

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JOURNEY OF THE NOBLE GNARBLE was in one word – magic!
For all of us who participated in bringing it to our stage there were feelings of joy, delight and pride in our kids who gave it their best. Nothing gets better than watching and hearing your students connect…with each other and with their audiences. Thank you for bringing this gem to us, for your creativity and talent. We truly wanted to succeed for you as well as our company. I believe we did if audience reaction and ovations were any indications. . . happy, happy, happy! I look forward to more Beat by Beat by Beat by Beat.
Carol T. – Act One Scene 1 (Brockton, MA)

We had a fantastic performance which was enjoyed by all!
The music and style was perfect for our group. The evening performance was attended by families and friends of the children performing, and was a great success! I envisioned a tropical underwater scene of luminous colors, and had a blast shopping for costumes! The Warckels even came with their own seaweed covered Eifel Tower! Once inside the Plink’s mouth, the lights were dimmed and the cast waved colorful glow sticks for effect – it was such fun! By far the favorite costumes were the Subbalubbles which perfectly matched their “sassy” characters – “type casted” using 4 appropriate 5th graders!! We are looking forward to working more in the future with the Beat by Beat team!
Jacquie J. – International School of Minnesota (Eden Prairie, MN)

I can’t tell you how long I have spent looking for musicals under 30 minutes that are good!
First off, I wanted to tell you how much the students, parents, my colleague and myself enjoyed teaching, performing, and watching Journey of the Noble Gnarble. It was a great hit and really helped to bring our school community together! I would love to work with you again as it was such a great experience. And I can’t tell you how long I have spent looking for musicals under 30 minutes that are good. Either I am really bad at searching, or there is a lack of good children’s musicals.
Charles I., Fitzgerald Elementary School (Waltham, MA)

The audience went WILD…
…at the end when Joey (our Gnarble) “saw sky” and appeared at the top of the ocean! People have had nothing but positive things to say about it. Moreover, our 117 students had a blast singing your ever-so-catchy score and acting out this fun, fresh, and FIN-tastic story. (…and I had so much fun teaching it). When Carol stumbled upon this show a few weeks ago, I knew she had found something special, and I truly believe it is a gem! It is wonderful to know that people like you are writing quality pieces of children’s theatre.
Matt C. – Act One Scene One (Brockton, MA)

I absolutely fell in love with the music in this show.
I wanted to share with you a little bit about our Gnarble. He is such great kid, 9 years old, kind heart. He typically really struggles focusing at all in his classes; this kiddo was not one that came to mind when we walked into auditions last week. When he auditioned for this part, we were absolutely floored with his incredible voice and passion for the music and character. After the show, I was rushing around trying to make sure every kid was getting to their parents, that they all had their personal belongings, etc. Our Gnarble ran up to me and hugged me so tight and said “thank you for letting me be good at something!” and ran away. Of course this Director was fighting tears as I hugged this beautifully spirited child. I wanted to thank you for giving “my” kids such a heartfelt and beautiful avenue to feel like superstars.
Natalie M. – Chickasaw Nation Performing Arts (Ada, OK)

The show was a huge success.
Our kids were phenomenal! The show was a huge success. We absolutely loved this musical. The music and songs are amazing. We can’t wait to pick out our next play from your website for next year.
Suzanne Perlin, PS 20 Queens (New York, NY) | June 19, 2014

The performance was a complete success. We used the book as a stimulus for our curriculum as part of a Community Arts Project: Learning through the Arts. Our Plink was a great big whale like fish on wheels that was covered in scales, each one with a child’s drawing of their dream. It is staying on display in our school as a sculpture until the end of the year. After the show we showed a DVD of our journey along the way and then parents were invited to go to the classrooms to view the children’s Art/class work, journals etc. Thank you for your inspirational book and show!
Ann E., St Patrick’s Primary School (Mentone, VIC, Australia)

We had a great time last night.
We had 17 theatre camp children aged 9, 10, and 11 and they were the hit of the evening. (We had shows from three age groups.) The audience of about 150 loved the music and the message and expressed it throughout the show. My teachers were all amazed at the ease of learning this show. Our campers had four days of about two hour and a half rehearsals and an hour and a half on Friday and they performed flawlessly with lots and lots of energy. I will be talking this show up to others who do children’s theatre.
Zona L. – Turkey Hill Players (Belleville, IL)

The show was a huge success
Our kids were phenomenal! The show was a huge success. We absolutely loved this musical. The music and songs are amazing. We can’t wait to pick out our next play from your website for next year.
Suzanne P. – PS 20 Queens (New York, NY)

We could not have been happier with our Beat by Beat experience
The show was a big success! We had 13 girls aged 7-12 and we only had 15 hours together total! Costumes and sets were simple but very effective and girls and the story were the stars! We could not have been happier with our Beat by Beat experience. Thank you! Can’t wait to hear what you are working on next!
Alissa H. – Brattleboro Music Center (Brattleboro, VT)

The kids are loving the musical
Dress rehearsal went great and the kids are loving the musical. It is very well written and has a great message.
Shayna C. – Rural Michigan Youth Players (Pinconning, MI)

The kids had fun and the parents loved the show
The kids had fun and the parents loved the show. Please write another 30 minute sung-through show! They are perfect for our younger groups.
Jessica M. – Bronx Arts Ensemble (Bronx, NY)

The kids have loved their “Journey” to the ocean floor!
…and have each achieved things they’ve never done before! Our two performances over the weekend were a huge success. The audiences loved watching “Gnarble” as much as the kids enjoyed performing it. Our cast members ranged in age from 5 to 12. Thank you so much for writing a show so perfect for this age group.
Debbi B. – Broadway, Our Way! (Lincolnwood, IL)

We recently performed Journey of the Noble Gnarble at our school, and everyone LOVED, LOVED it; I’d say it’s probably my most favorite show of my 21 years of teaching music!! I’m one of your newest biggest fans, I’ve been telling every music teacher I know that they need to check you out.
Lisa B. – Gilbert Primary School (Gilbert, SC)


Part 1: The Dream
Far below the ocean waves, the CHORUS introduces us to a tiny little Gnarble with a huge dream: to swim to the top of the ocean and see the sky. His friends remind him that no Gnarble has ever swam that high because they have tiny fins and floppy tails. Even the neighboring Blyfish cast their doubt on the Gnarble. Leaving the naysayers behind, the Gnarble follows his passion to explore and begins his journey up.

Part 2: The Warckels
As the Gnarble begins, he swims pass the boulders of spongy gishy-gosh and a herd of feeding fipple-fosh. Suddenly, he’s in the presence of danger when the Warckels appear and grab him by his tail! Luckily, these Warckels are a sophisticated, harmless bunch. They are serious foodies and find the Gnarble too thin and tiny to eat.

Part 3: The Subalubbles
The Gnarble is relieved that being tiny can have its upside and swims even faster and doesn’t dare to stop. Meanwhile a group of intimidating Subbalubbles are craving something to eat. They notice the Gnarble in their territory and sneakily question why he’s swimming this high. Delighted they have found the main course to their favorite meal of the day, the Subbalubbles launch into a big R&B number showing off their excitement. While the Subbalubbles are carried away in their dance-off, the Gnarble makes a fast getaway with the help of the Glimmy Glins.

Part 4: The Glimmy Glin
The Gnarble thanks the Glimmy Glins for saving him. The Glimmies are upbeat, carefree, and great swimmers. Shaken and tired, the Gnarble starts to doubt that he can make it to the top and considers swimming back home. The Glimmies remind him that he has already come so far and can’t turn back now. They encourage him that anything is possible as long as you stay positive and keep swimming!

Part 5: The Plink/Finale
Renewed with confidence, Noble Gnarble eagerly swims the last stretch. He almost reaches the surface when a giant Plink swallows him whole! Stuck inside the Plink’s belly, the Gnarble refuses to give up. He tries to think of a way out and remembers the Glimmy Glin’s advice. He quickly swims around as fast as he can and as he does his floppy tail tickles the Plink! The ticklish Plink lets out a giant laugh with his mouth wide open allowing the Gnarble to escape. After escaping the Warckels, Subbalubbles and Plink, the Gnarble finally flips through the top of the ocean and sees the sky! He discovers some dreams are too irresistible to ignore.



This show features a CHORUS that narrates the majority of the story. When the CHORUS is not narrating, it participates in the individual songs by becoming part of each scene. Every character except the NOBLE GNARBLE can be part of the CHORUS as well.

The NOBLE GNARBLE is the lead of the show and requires a strong singer that can convey ambition and heart. The BLYFISH, WARCKELS and SUBBALUBBLES provide fun opportunities to feature “character” actors. Each of these characters have speaking and singing solos.

All parts are gender-neutral, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Noble Gnarble is the most ambitious of all the GNARBLES with a beautiful heart.
Gnarble #1, #2, #3 are the NOBLE GNARBLE’s friends at the bottom of the ocean.

Blyfish #1, #2, #3 are the Gnarble’s out-spoken neighboring fish that are larger and better swimmers.

Warckel #1, #2, #3 are sophisticated fish connoisseurs.

Subbalubble #1, #2, #3, #4 are a little rough around the edges but have a lot of soul.

Glimmy Glin #1, #2, #3, #4 are upbeat, positive and motivational.

Plink is a very large and ticklish fish.




Seed of Wisdom (Philippines)

Broadway, Our Way! (Lincolnwood, IL)

Hoboken Children’s Theatre (Hoboken, NJ)

International School of Minnesota


Hoboken Children’s Theatre – Full Video

Ford Elementary School – Full Video

Act One Scene One – Full Video


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