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PRESS START transports us inside the bright, pixelated world of video games! When the famous characters we know and love run out of lives, they decide to put on a musical fundraiser that will help them raise gold rings and play on. Through hilarious and heartfelt musical numbers we see the heroes, villains and sidekicks like we’ve never seen them before. But when things go terribly awry, it’s the quiet sidekick Little Mushroom who must find the hero within to help save the day!

Run-Time:  45 minutes
Age:  Upper Elementary
Cast Size:  22+
Themes:  Acceptance, Teamwork, Diversity, Overcoming Obstacles

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It was a HUGE hit with our students and audience!
I just wanted to say thank you for another amazing show. Last year we performed We Are Monsters and this year Press Start! It was a HUGE hit with our students and audience! Our elementary school kids laughed hysterically at Marco and Young Adventurer and I’ve caught quite a few kids walking down the hallways still singing songs from the show weeks later. Thanks again to you and the Beat by beat team!
Jim S. – KD Markley Elementary School (Malvern, PA)

Thanks for helping us bring the performing arts back to our school!
We brought the chance at having performing arts back to our elementary school after a 10+ year hiatus. We found Beat by Beat Press via the Internet and looked through the scripts. We liked what was offered for the price and decided to try “Press Start! ” it couldn’t have turned out any better! After 6 months we put on a performance for our school and our community! Loved everything Beat by Beat offered, quality material, and something engaging for the actors and audience. Not only that, but it allowed students who didn’t have the financial means or transportation to participate in community theatre have an activity at school that they excelled in! So many of our talented cast went on to try out for giftedness in the area of drama as the transitioned to middle school and made it! Thanks for helping us bring the performing arts back to our school! We will use you again this coming school year!
Joanna C. – River Ridge Elementary School (Villa Hills, KY)

The best show we’ve produced yet!
Tonight was our 3rd consecutive year we’ve produced a Beat by Beat production, and this was the best show (for elementary school students) we’ve produced yet!
John M. – Marshall Elementary School (Newark, DE)

Thanks so much for such a great script!
Our show went really well, the kids had a great time and the parents were very proud. Our kids also helped to create our amazing sets, which brought video games to life. Thanks so much for such a great script. We will definitely be looking to you guys next year for our show.
Becky S. – Maranatha Christian School (Williams Lake, BC, Canada)

Really love the quality and creative style of the shows on Beat by Beat Press
Such a blessing to have a source for quality productions at prices our not-for profit company can afford. Thank you and keep it up. We just finished “Press Start”, our 3rd Beat by Beat production and are deciding on which of the shows to do next.
Connie B. – Crossroads Area Student Theatre (Bloomington, IL)

Our show was amazing!
The local community really appreciated the performance and we were very proud of our students. I would like to thank you for creating these wonderful musicals that our students can explore. Press Start was our first ever stage production and I’ve had so much positive feedback from parents and other students. I’ve had students ask to be apart of next years show and teachers singing the very catchy tunes. Beat by Beat Press has been an amazing resource for our school for drama and we cant wait to do our next show from your wide selection (Most probably Grunch!).
Mark M. – Bankstown West Public School (Bankstown, NSW, Australia)

We will be singing these songs long after the curtain closes.
The University of Utah Tanner Dance Elevate Theater Company performed “Press Start” and I just wanted to thank you for providing such a fun, uplifting and inspiring production for our company to be a part of. Because this company is comprised of individuals with varying disabilities, it was a large undertaking for these individuals to accomplish but the material and support you gave through your resources helped to make it a very successful experience for all.
Mary-Martha J. – University of Utah Tanner Dance Program (Salt Lake City, UT)

A HUGE hit
I just wanted to let you know that our production of Press Start last night was a HUGE hit. I performed it with my entire Intermediate—Middle School. (In our case, that was 230 students!!) In addition to the cast, we had each class, from 4–8th grade perform a song as an ensemble. The kids had a lot of fun with the songs—and the theme of old vintage video games.  I had several audience members tell me specifically that they loved the story—and the growth that Little Mushroom goes through. We’ve been doing BBB Press plays at our school for 4 years now! (We Are Monsters, Musicville, The Grunch, and now, Press Start)  I’ve always loved the flexibility, and the fact that they are written specifically FOR children. Thanks again for the excellent options you present for young actors!
Judy S. – Saint Agnes Schoo (Arlington, VA)


This musical is unlike anything else: it’s the first show ever to be composed entirely in 8-bit synthesizers reminiscent of those incredible soundtracks from the original Nintendo and Sega consoles.

Kids love video games, and they will LOVE to play these famous video game characters on stage. While the majority of characters were inspired by the early Nintendo/Sega games of the 90’s, we’ve also thrown in a few updated characters including “Square Builder Eve” and “Angry Birdy”.






Considerations: PRESS START is an ensemble-driven show. YOUNG ADVENTURER and PRINCESS POMEGRANATE host the event and require strong stage presence. LITTLE MUSHROOM has the largest story arc and requires an excellent actor and singer. Each group of characters has their own song with singing solos. Each group can easily be expanded with an ensemble. PAC ANNE, GIUSEPPE, ANGRY BIRDY and SQUARE BUILDER EVE are great character roles that don’t require any solo singing. Every part is gender-neutral and can be played by a boy or girl.




Spotlight Theater (Castle Rock, CO)

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KD Markley Elementary




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