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When an out-of-order claw game suddenly turns back on, all of the toys are ecstatic! Well… all of the toys except for Dot, a terrified stuffed cow. Dot’s desperate to hold onto her home and her best friend, Aiden. Can Dot conquer her fear of the unknown with some help from the Flair Bears, Mighty Mutant Power Turtles, Beanie Elders, and the all-knowing Mystical 8-ball?

Run-Time:  45 minutes
Age:  7-12
Cast Size:  23+
Themes:  TransitionsEmbracing the Unfamiliar

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By: Denver Casado, Jessica Penzias, Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm,
Christyn Budzyna & Jack Mitchell

Apprentice: Eli Cohen
Orchestrations: Andrew Fox

The Claw has 10 songs and 23 speaking/singing solos plus a flexible ensemble.

The Claw features:
– gender-neutral casting for every character
– a single set
– an active ensemble that participates in almost every scene & song
– a positive message of valuing one’s ability to embrace change
– songs arranged for young voices

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– Accompaniment Tracks
– Copy License
– Video Recording License (with permission to stream the show online on any platform)

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We open inside an out-of-order claw game, where our narrator, CLAW introduces us to two best friends: a cow plush named DOT and a stuffed dragon named AIDEN. While AIDEN wishes he could leave the game, DOT loves being stuck inside, where things never change. DOT cheers up AIDEN, as all of the toys go about their familiar daily routine. (“The Best Day Since Yesterday”)

Suddenly, the ground beneath them starts to shake! All of the TOYS are tossed around inside the machine, as the claw game springs to life for the first time in ages!

AIDEN is thrilled! He’s determined to leave the game today. DOT, meanwhile, is terrified of facing the unknown. In a fit of panic, she hatches a scheme to hold onto a little piece of home – she and Aiden will leave the game together. (“The Who Knows What”)

A trio of BEANIE ELDERS overhear DOT and AIDEN’s conversation and tell them about the famed “Double Trouble” – an elusive move where two toys link arms and are pulled out of the machine together. To pull it off, they’ll need to master three crucial steps: Strike a pose, hold on, and be ready! (“Double Trouble”)

As DOT and AIDEN set out to tackle step one of the Double Trouble, they visit the eccentric FLAIR BEARS, who teach them how to strike the most impressive pose possible by embracing their confidence. (“Strike a Pose”) As their song comes to an end, a confident bear is grabbed by CLAW. (“Goodbye #1”)

CLAW reminds the toys about the joys of the outside world, leading them in a musical celebration of the greatest wonder of all – pizza. (“Pizza Lullaby”)

Meanwhile, DOT and AIDEN are determined to conquer step two of the Double Trouble. They visit the MIGHTY MUTANT POWER TURTLES, who teach them how to hold on by never giving up no matter what obstacles they face. (“Mighty Mutant Power Turtles”) As their song comes to a close, CLAW grabs a power turtle who holds on tight. (“Goodbye #2”)

Now that they’ve learned to strike a pose and hold on, the last step of the Double Trouble is simply: “be ready!” AIDEN is certain they are both ready to go, but DOT is not so sure. She tries to convince AIDEN to wait, but he’s insistent – The next time CLAW comes down, it’s time to leave!

Panicked, DOT rushes up to the MYSTICAL 8 BALL. She’s desperate for a sign that she and AIDEN will always be together in the outside world, but the MYSTICAL 8 BALL is unable to offer any guarantees. More terrified than ever, DOT is decidedly not ready to leave.

Suddenly, the CLAW springs to life! This is it! AIDEN rushes forward and links arms with DOT, striking an impressive pose. CLAW grabs AIDEN and starts to pull the pair out of the machine. It’s working! They’re doing the Double Trouble! But, in a moment of panic, DOT lets go of AIDEN’s hand. DOT tumbles back into the machine as AIDEN is pulled outside. (“Goodbye #3”)

As she watches her best friend disappear, DOT is devastated. The toys rush to her aid, and she confesses that she let go because, without any guarantees, she’ll never have what it takes to face so much that’s new and unknown. The other toys comfort her – she’s proved she’s capable of tackling new skills all day! She has the strength to face any challenge that comes her way.

DOT feels emboldened. As the CLAW lowers again, the other toys rally around DOT and, this time, DOT is ready! As the crane lifts her up, she realizes she’s been selected by the same little girl who won Aiden! The friends reunite, as everyone celebrates the adventures that await them out in the unknown! (“Finale”)


Note: All roles are gender neutral and pronouns can be changed to reflect the actor playing the part.


DOT: An anxious stuffed cow
AIDEN: A charismatic stuffed dragon, Dot’s best friend
CLAW: The wise old sage, the hand of fate, our narrator

Inspired by the Care Bears, the Flair Bears are a group of wildly eccentric stuffed bears, each passionate about different forms of art.

BEARONICA: A dancer, leader of the bears
BEARLIN: A bear sculptor
BEARNARD: A bear novelist
BEARNACLE: A bear painter
BEARY: A very punny bear
SHAKESBEAR: A shakespearean bear
BEARBARA: A very dramatic bear

A combination of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Mighty ‘Morphin Power Rangers, the Mighty Mutant Power Turtles are a group of off-brand heroes.

REN: Red, named after René Magritte
DEL: Green, named after Eugène Delacroix
VAN: Yellow, named after Vincent Van Gogh
CAM: Blue, named after Camille Pissarro
SAL: Pink, named after Salvador Dali

Inspired by the Beanie Babies, the Beanie Elders are a group of old curmudgeonly toys from the 90’s.



Based on the Magic 8-Ball, Mystical 8-Ball communicates using a trio of answers.


TOY ENSEMBLE (flexible)

How does The Claw costume work?
Our concept is that The Claw would be played by a kid who resides on a pedestal up above the others on the back of the stage. To resemble the “talons” of the claw, consider repurposing 3 pool noodles – one that would attach to a hat on the head, and two held in his/her hands. When the claw goes to grab a toy, he/she would walk down from the pedestal downstage, wrap the “toy” in the pool noodles, and carry it offstage. Of course this is only one option – we’re excited to see what you come up with!

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The Production Kit includes:

Actor Book

The script the actors use. Clear, simple and professionally formatted to help give your actors a true theatre experience. The vocal sheet music is seamlessly integrated into the script to make your rehearsals run without a hitch. (PDF Download)

Director Book

A comprehensive guide to casting, sets, props and costumes. Plus the entire script with embedded notes on directing, choreography and music cues throughout. On the bottom of each page is a blank stage template for you to keep track of your blocking. (PDF Download)

Piano-Vocal Score

Professionally arranged Piano-Vocal Sheet music of the entire show in an easy to read format with script cues. Perfectly matches the Accompaniment Recordings. (PDF Download)

Logo Pack

Attract audiences and sponsors with professional logos on posters, programs, handbills, and advertising. Show logos are provided in multiple digital formats. You’re allowed to use them in any way you wish, including on cast t-shirts! (JPEG, PNG, AI Download)

Vocal Tracks

The vocal recordings let your actors enjoy learning, practicing and perfecting the show’s songs with professional New York City performers as their guide. This allows your actors to arrive at rehearsals fully prepared. (MP3 Download)

Accompaniment Tracks

Also known as backing or karaoke tracks. All the instrumental music that actors can perform along with during the show. Professionally orchestrated to sound just like a Broadway orchestra. Includes sounds effects and scene change music. Music Cues in the Director Book tell you when to press “play”. (MP3 Download)

Copy License

No more wondering, “Did I order enough scripts for everyone?” The Copy License gives you the flexibility to copy and print as many scripts as you need for your entire cast and crew throughout the duration of your production. (PDF Download)

Video Recording License

The video recording license takes the “worry” out of turning your stage production into sharable videos. You can legally video record your production, upload it to YouTube, or share it with your cast – so long as it’s being used for non-commercial purposes. (PDF Download)

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