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A Musical Written to be Rehearsed and Performed Remotely!

In this first-of-its kind musical, each actor will receive a 1-2 minute scene/song to rehearse, video record, and upload. When all the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their annual musical alive…online!

Run-Time:  30-40 minutes
Age:  Elementary/Middle School
Cast Size:  20+
Themes:  Collaboration, Teamwork

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We know this is a challenging time for arts programs. So we are offering THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE for a flat-fee of only $249 for all organizations, regardless of size, with includes flexible video and streaming rights. Please click the “Pricing” tab below for more information.


It breaks our heart to hear that so many theatre performances have been postponed or cancelled.

We wrote this musical in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as a way for actors to work together as an ensemble to put on a show – while staying safe in their own homes.

Our writing team realized early on that the format of a traditional musical would not work remotely (group singing on Zoom is a disaster), so we built the show from the ground up. We considered what kids and drama teachers are going through at this time and worked those themes into each scene – including the antics and technical mayhem that comes with performing a musical online. The result is a comedic and fun storyline designed to lift spirits when we all need it the most.

We hope you enjoy this special musical we put together for you and can’t wait to see your shows go online!


Check out this full virtual production of the show by Class Act in Champaign, IL directed by Jaclyn Loewenstein.


A special thank you to The Actor’s Garden, a performing arts academy outside Chicago, who helped to conceive and workshop this show at its early stages. 



Wow! I just read and listened to THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE, and I can’t believe you put this together so quickly. The music is catchy! The entire show is delightful! Funny! Clever! And most important, it is doable! I can’t wait to share this show with my team tomorrow, and I am so excited that we may still be able to help our students put on a show and experience theater! We love our Beat by Beat shows! Thank you for sharing your talent, for your understanding of schools and summer arts programs, and for coming to our rescue during these challenging weeks and months ahead.

Lynnae Lathrop
Education Program Coordinator—Summer Camps
Des Moines Performing Arts

Thank you for creating this show, and for giving all of the kids a chance to still do what they love!  You are creating a lot of much-needed happiness, and it’s hard to express how much impact you are already having on the kids. One mom told me that her daughter has not stopped smiling since the Zoom call, and multiple parents have told me that it’s been amazing for the kids to just have something they can look forward to. Watching the kids’ audition videos made our weekend and I think you are going to be blown away when you see what everyone comes up with from around the country.

Mark C.
Newport Beach, CA

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. I am so thankful that you created this for all of the theater students out there who will get to make art in a time when we all really need it.

Melissa Claire
Kids Musical Theater (KMT) Program in Point Reyes Station

I am in Perth, Australia – the The Show Must Go Online is amazing! You guys have outdone yourselves this time, thank you.

Sam Sheedy
Kingsway Christian College, Perth, Australia

I just wanted to pass along our thanks for your amazing work on getting this project put together so quickly. It will no doubt go a long way to helping bring some normality to the lives of theatre youth and we certainly look forward to getting as many involved in this project who are interested!

Darryl Lindenbach
Music and Play Canada Inc.

We were so excited to see that you are offering this fabulous alternative. We have so many young actors whom were looking forward to performing. Due to COVID we have had to cancel. We very much appreciate the work you have put into bringing us all together again!

Between the Scenes

Students were excited, parents were delighted, and this director was ecstatic to be able to keep working with her amazing kiddos. Thank you so much!

Lisa L.
Suzuki Charter School

I wanted to say on behalf of our students at Little Voices West Kent (UK)- thank you you so much for allowing us to participate in “The Show Must Go Online!” We are a small theatre school and focus on education mostly rather than grand performances so the individual recording nature of this suited our pupils really well and they got a fabulous experience and skills from it.

Kerry Gaughran
Little Voices West Kent

I want to thank you and let you all know what a gift your company has been during this crazy time. What a blessing to have discovered you and all you do! Our kiddos absolutely LOVED the virtual musical and cannot wait for the next one!

Julia & Shana
Center Stage Entertainment



A frazzled DRAMA TEACHER sends a video message to her students from her home office, announcing that their production of Brushes With Greatness: The Dental Hygiene Musical has been canceled! She tries to hang up, but accidentally leaves the camera running, as she receives a phone call from the principal who tells her: without the musical, the drama program will be shut down.

ACTOR A sends a video to the cast and crew, encouraging them not to give up. ACTOR A sings an excerpt of a rousing song from Brushes With Greatness to motivate everyone. (Don’t Give Up, Part 1).

ACTOR B sends a video from inside a closet. ACTOR B is devastated that the musical has been canceled and has decided to hide from the world – afterall, what good is a world without musical theater?

ACTOR C comes up with the idea to perform the musical online.

ACTOR D performs the opening number to Brushes With Greatness: The Dental Hygiene Musical, while bouncing around on top of the furniture (BRUSHES WITH GREATNESS PART 1).

ACTOR E timidly performs an original song to convince the drama teacher to do the virtual musical (THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE PART 1).

The DRAMA TEACHER agrees to let the students perform Brushes With Greatness online… and then serenades her cat.

ACTOR F proposes a creative way to perform at home… while brushing his teeth (DEFYING CAVITIES PART 1).

ACTOR G rehearses a song at home, but keeps getting interrupted by loud noises off-camera (QUIET TIME PART 1).

ACTOR H introduces the cast and crew to his pet.

ACTOR I, the costume designer, gives the cast some less-than-stellar tips for costuming themselves at home.

ACTOR J films themselves singing an earnest song, but struggles to position the camera properly (MY FACE, PART 1).

ACTOR K moves a toothbrush around so it looks like the toothbrush is singing a song (MY FACE PART 2).

ACTOR L, the lighting designer, demonstrates the (very limited) ways in which you can do lighting design at home.

ACTOR M dramatically performs one of the most important songs from the musical, but keeps forgetting the words (HAROLD RINSE PART 1).

ACTOR N, the stage manager, offers notes to the cast and crew right before the performance. ACTOR N is very panicked, but tries to appear calm, especially when ACTOR N learns that over 50,000 people are going to be tuning in to the live performance.

The DRAMA TEACHER welcomes viewers to the live video stream of Brushes With Greatness!

ACTOR O performs the opening number of Brushes With Greatness, welcoming the virtual audience to the mouth. ACTOR O portrays the tooth ensemble and the villain, Plaque. (BRUSHES WITH GREATNESS, PART 2).

ACTOR P plays both heroes, Bob Flossy and Tommy Tooth. ACTOR P switches between the characters and sings a rousing song in which Bob Flossy convinces Tommy Tooth to come out of retirement to save the mouth. (DON’T GIVE UP PART 2).

ACTOR Q performs the villain’s big number, where Plaque revels in the glorious silence of the great gum canyon (QUIET TIME PART 2).

ACTOR R plays Tommy Tooth. Tommy Tooth reveals important information about Harold Rinse to Bob Flossy, who is played by a stuffed animal.

ACTOR S plays Tommy Tooth, as Tommy Tooth apologizes to Harold Rinse and recruits him for their mission (MY FACE PART 3).

ACTOR T performs the final battle scene: Bob Flossy, Tommy Tooth, & Harold Rinse vs. Plaque. ACTOR T performs all of the roles, using action figures or stuffed animals to portray the characters, as the heroes prevail over the villains (DEFYING CAVITIES PART 2).

The DRAMA TEACHER closes out the show and congratulates the cast and crew on a wonderful virtual production. The DRAMA TEACHER gets a call from the principal and learns the drama program has been saved!

Virtual curtain call! All of the actors perform their own versions of “The Show Must Go Online” and share them with their community(THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE).



There are 20 roles, Actors A-T, plus the Drama Teacher. You the director can cast yourself or an actor for the role of the Drama Teacher.
There’s a role in this show for every person in your acting program. If you have more than 20 performers, you can simply have multiple casts (and multiple virtual productions) i.e Cast A/Cast B, Blue Cast/Red Cast, etc. If your program has fewer than 20 actors, you can assign more than one scene to each actor.




May I buy this show with a Purchase Order or Check?

Yes, we accept POs from U.S. organizations only. To purchase the show with a Purchase Order simply fill out this form and will send you an invoice via email with further instructions.

What is the size of the cast?

The show is written for 20 actors, plus the drama teacher.

What if I have fewer than 20 students?

You can easily double cast scenes if you have fewer students (assign more than 1 scene per actor).

What if I have more than 20 students?

You can easily do multiple virtual productions, as long as you are doing them within your single organization.

What age is this geared toward?

This was written for performers age 7-14.

Could my high school/college students do this?

Of course! If they don’t mind being a little silly and singing about dental hygiene :)

How long is the production?

It should be about 30-40 minutes when all the videos are combined.

How do the students film their part?

The students can use a webcam if they have a laptop, or any smartphone video camera.

How do I put the videos together?

The easiest way is for the students to upload their videos as “unlisted” to YouTube, making sure they check the box “not targeted toward children”. Then they can all send you their YouTube links. You can then create an unlisted YouTube playlist putting all their videos in order, and share that link to the playlist with anyone you’d like.

Alternatively the videos can very easily be combined/lined up in video editing software like iMovie. You could then export the entire video as a performance.

Do I have permission to upload the final performance publicly?

Yes, as long as you provide proper credit in the description (see below).

May I charge students to participate in this production?


May I put a donation link next to the performance to raise money for my program?

Yes, you may turn this into a fundraiser for your program by adding a donation link. However you may not run ads (monetize on YouTube). If you’d like a more broad commercial license email us at

May I sell tickets to streams of this production?

Yes. Ticketed streaming is defined as selling tickets to allow access to a live or pre-recorded video of the musical. Unlike other publishers, we do not require you to use a specific streaming service or ticking platform – you can use any provider that best serves your purpose!

If tickets are being sold to an online video or stream, you may only sell them within a one-month window from when the tickets are first available. After that, the video can live online, but tickets may not continue to be sold without a separate and valid license from Beat by Beat Press.

Under no circumstances may you monetize the videos with commercial ads.

Do I need to obtain video and photo releases from my performers before I upload my video?

If you plan to make the video public, then yes. We highly recommend that you do.

What do I need to include in the credits or video description when I upload my organization’s production of the show?

Please copy and paste this into the credits/description:

A Virtual Children’s Musical

Book by Jessica Penzias
Lyrics by Dave Hudson
Music by Denver Casado

THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE is presented through special arrangement with Beat by Beat Press (

When I upload it to YouTube can I monetize it with online ads?

No. It’s very important to make sure to disable any monetization and ad features when you upload your production anywhere online. Just so you know, ALL Beat by Beat shows both stage and online, do not allow commercial profit from broadcasting our copyrighted material without full permission and compensation.

I am a teacher at a school and doing “The Show Must Go Online” with my one class. Can my students this year perform it and my students next year perform it too?

Yes. You have permission to produce the show multiple times within the one role you lead within the same program, same organization and same location.

Since I purchased the show, can I pass it along to my other drama teacher friends so they can perform it with their own group? Or can my students share the script and music with other friends so they can upload their own performance?

No, this would violate the terms and conditions of the agreement. All materials must stay within the students of your organization. You may not post any of the production materials on any public sites.  

I run the arts curriculum for my district and would like to purchase this for all of our schools to use. My I purchase one license and use for all my schools?

Unfortunately no, each license is valid for a single organization at a single location. An organization is defined as a single location school or studio with less than 200 students. However we do offer a “site license” which would allow you to use the show more broadly. Please email us at to inquire about the site license.



We provide you with everything you need to rehearse and perform THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE remotely. Ideal for drama programs utilizing distance learning.

The Production Kit includes: 

  • 1) Actor Script
  • 2) Virtual Production Guide
  • 3) Lead Sheets (Vocal Sheet Music with Chord Symbols)
  • 4) Vocal Tracks
  • 5) Accompaniment Tracks
  • 6) Logo Pack
  • 7) Copy License
  • 8) Video & Streaming License

All materials are provided via download.

Our goal is to help as many drama programs as possible “put their show online!” We understand this is a challenging time for everyone􏰁 so we are offering this show for a flat fee that􏰆 is half the price of what the large publishers are charging for their virtual productions (MTI online productions start at $500).

You can download the entire Production Kit for The Show Must Go Online, with unlimited virtual and ticketed streaming rights included􏰁, for ​only 􏰈$249. ​

We hope this helps you keep your theatre programs running.

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