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TUT, TUT! is inspired by the life of “King Tut” (the 10-year old who became King of Egypt) with a touch of Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper”. The story begins with a young Prince Tut who is bored of the royal life, so he wanders into the streets of the city looking for adventure. Suddenly he meets a peasant who looks just like him! They concoct a plan to trade places for three days. But when the King dies and Prince Tut must ascend the throne, their plan goes terribly awry.

Run-Time:  60 minutes
Age:  Upper Elementary/Middle School
Cast Size:  26+
Themes:  Ancient Egyptian History, Leadership

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I wanted to send you a thank you for putting together such a fantastic show. We had 85 kids (6th graders) participate (both cast and stage crew)… I have personally seen how these parts has given confidence to our young students and has given them a passion to continue with theater in Junior High. It was ONE FABULOUS SHOW!!!! Thank you for creating such wonderful music that our entire school is humming to.
Cassie M. – Midas Creek Elementary (Riverton, UT)

Thank you for all of Beat by Beat’s wonderful shows.
Tut, Tut was our 3rd Beat by Beat production, once again brimming with heart and humor! The Popcorn Player’s team have become serious Beat by Beat groupies :)
Kristen S. – Popcorn Players (Boxborough, MA)

It was a major success
I just wanted to write and let you know we put on our performance of TUT TUT! last week and it was a major success. I had so many parents and staff tell me it was the best elementary musical performance they’ve ever seen. We had so much fun, the songs were super catchy, there were some great one liners and the camel vendors were hands down an audience favorite. We will definitely use Beat by Beat musicals in the future. Thanks for all your help and providing schools with fresh new options for our musical performances!
Alison W. – Alexander Graham Bell P.S (Ajax, ON, Canada)

We broke our theatrical legs last night!
Everyone was an absolute star. I’ve really enjoyed directing this performance – this is our second BBB show and I find the scripts and music fantastic to work with. Thanks for all you do for children’s theatre. The kids will never forget their performance in Tut Tut!
Jennifer B. – Garden International School (Ban Chang, Thailand)

My students and I all had such a blast with this show
What you all do at Beat by Beat is fantastic! Thank you for all of your work to help teachers give students a performance opportunity with quality materials. As we did last year with We Are Monsters we split most of the roles up to give all 97 of our students an opportunity to speak or sing a solo, while keeping the integrity of your script. // The thing I enjoy most about Beat by Beat is the way it feels like personal service whenever I email you. Your responses are always thoughtful, helpful and supportive of what I’m doing as a school music teacher. There’s lots of things I like, that’s just one of them!
Bronwyn H. – The American School in London (London, UK)

Thank you for such a engaging script and music for students to learn more about Egypt.
Janice S. – Margaret Sheehy Elementary School (Merced, CA)

I would put it up against any Broadway music tracks out there
Like “The Grunch” last year, I must comment on the high quality of the music for this show as well. My background is primarily in music and I’ve done a lot of kids shows. And I have heard some plain old “schlocky” kids music. This score – and especially the accompaniment track are so professional – so detailed – that I would put it up against any Broadway music tracks out there. Everyone at Beat by Beat should know that the attention to detail and just the right amount of vocal support is noticed and greatly appreciated.
Ben B. – American School of Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


This show is an incredibly fun way to introduce kids to life in Ancient Egypt. Although TUT, TUT is a fictional story, it revolves around factual events that led up to TUT taking the throne. All of the characters within Tut’s royal circle are based on factual historical figures, and the plot hinges on the death of Tut’s father, Pharaoh Akhenaten. The story takes places equally in the setting of the Palace and the city streets.


TUT is the prince of Egypt, son of the Pharoh, bored of the royal life.
MAIA is Tut’s governess.
MISS SEN is Tut’s royal tutor.
AAT is Chief Advisor to Tut while his father is out of the country.

SERVANTS (younger actors)
KIT is one of Tut’s fun-loving servants.
SAMIA is one of Tut’s fun-loving servants.
AHIT is one of Tut’s fun-loving servants.

SENEB is a criminal in town.
HAJI is one of Seneb’s not-too-bright indentured servants.
HAPU is one of Seneb’s not-too-bright indentured servants.

SETI is the lead. S street urchin with a big heart and thirst for knowledge.
AZIZA is one of Seti’s friends who lives on the street.
BADRU is one of Seti’s friends who lives on the street.
CHUMA is one of Seti’s friends who lives on the street.
DAKARI is one of Seti’s friends who lives on the street.


HITTITE AMBASSADOR is a visiting diplomat.
HITTITE ATTENDANT 1 is an assistant to the Hittite Ambassador.
HITTITE ATTENDANT 2 is an assistant to the Hittite Ambassador.

CAMEL VENDOR 1 desperately wants to sell camels!
CAMEL VENDOR 2 desperately wants to sell camels!
CAMEL VENDOR 3 desperately wants to sell camels!

HERALD announces guests at the royal palace.
MESSENGER delivers somber news to the palace.

THE CHORUS participates in all the group numbers (“To the Sun”, “Take What You Need”, “The Flood”, “Dirge”, “Coronation”, “To the Sun Reprise”)

Considerations: Like every Beat by Beat show, Tut Tut was written specifically to be flexible in terms of gender when it comes to casting. For example, there were three casts in the original production and in each one a boy played TUT and a girl played SETI (or vice-versa). AAT and SENEB were also played by a boy or girl, depending on the cast. Simply change any references to him vs. her or he vs. she as needed (except for TUT, who is a prince, so ‘he’ or him should always be used.) More performers can be added to the chorus in the ensemble scenes (“To the Sun”, “Take What You Need”, “The Flood”, “Dirge”, “Coronation”, “To the Sun Reprise”)

TUT, TUT! was developed and premiered at The Actors Garden in Oak Park, IL in the summer of 2015, under the direction of Gigi Hudson.


Full-Length Video: American School in London

Palo Alto Children’s Theatre (Photo Credit: Ravi Kohli)

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The Actors Garden (Photo Credit: Ron Orzel, FotoOps)

Lakes Elementary School

Garden International School





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