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Little Spaces
Music & Lyrics by Denver Casado, Vocal by Ashley Fox Linton


Songs for KidsAge:  7-11
Type:  Solo
Length:  2:13
Difficulty Rating: 3 out of 5

“Little Spaces” is a great song to showcase a young performer with BIG talent. It’s about a small child who finds comfort hiding in his/her own little space.





Music and Lyrics by
Denver Casado

There are little spaces
In little places
I like to be

I like to go and hide there
And be inside there
Just little me

And just for a moment no one knows just where I am
I sorta just scrunch up, sit all bunched up
I just fit in

In those little spaces
In little places
I think of Mom

And how she always helps me
And always tells me
To just stay strong

Cause when I’m at school they always call me little twig
But in little spaces, in little places


(ad lib)

I feel big!
I feel like a giant!
Giant and big!

So if you ever need me
But cannot see me
And if you care

Check those little spaces
In little places
I’m prob’ly there

But maybe before you look just give me some more time
‘Cause I could be dreaming I’m enormous
Like a giant brontosaurus
In this tiny little space that’s all