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My Treehouse
Music by Denver Casado, Lyrics by Betina Hershey 


Age:  8+Song for Kids: My Treehouse
Type:  Solo
Length:  1:38
Difficulty Rating: 2 out of 5

“My Treehouse” is a song that reflects on that one special place where a kid feels secure. For Skyler, after hosting the worst birthday party ever, she escapes to her treehouse where she can be whoever she wants to be.






From “The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever”

Music and Lyrics by
Denver Casado and Betina Hershey

When I was 8 and was afraid to go to my first piano recital, I hid in this treehouse. I felt safe. When I was 10 and my dad yelled at me for lying, this is where I ran to. I felt protected. And now that I’m 12, and everyone has left me on my birthday…well, what better place to be?

Just me up here in my tree house
Not much to fear in my tree house
I’m all alone
But I feel I belong here

Just me and leaves in my tree house
A calming breeze in my tree house
It may sound simple
But I can’t do much wrong here

‘Cause in my tree
Freedom reigns
So much to see
Above the plains
Just little me
No one complains

So safe and sound in my tree house
I won’t be found in my tree house
Unless I want to be