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Drama Game: Deer!


Jan 18, 2016 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Break Out of Shell, Ensemble Building Purpose: This game has a similar style to Bippity Bippity Bop, but is slightly simpler and allows the kids to create their own animal poses. Procedure: PART 1 1. Divide the class into groups of 3. 2. Ask each group to think of an animal. Make sure there are no duplicates. [...]

Drama Game: Yes, No, Please, Banana


Apr 19, 2015 Drama Games , 4 Comments

Type: Break Out of Shell, Creativity Purpose: A fun, simple exercise to help students become comfortable performing in front of the class and break out of their shell. Procedure: 1. Divide the class into pairs. 2. The goal of each pair is to create a 30 second scene using only four words: “Yes”, “No”, “Please” and “Banana”. 3. Depending on [...]

Drama Game: Name Chant


Sep 19, 2014 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Warm-up, Break Out of Shell Purpose: A fun way to have kids introduce themselves and break out of their shell. Procedure: 1.  Create a standing circle. 2. Start a simple rhythm that alternates with a pat on the legs, then a clap: Pat, Clap, Pat, Clap, etc. 3.  One player at a time does this chant, while [...]

Drama Game: Exaggeration Circle


Nov 4, 2013 Drama Games , 8 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Break Out of Shell Purpose:  A simple way to get some of even the shiest kids acting bold in front of the group. Procedure: 1.  Players stand in a circle. 2.  One player starts a small gesture. 3.  The next player takes it over and makes it even bigger. 4.  This continues all the [...]

Drama Game: Ducks and Cows


Nov 4, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type:  Warm-Up, Break Out of Shell Purpose:  Super quick and simple way to a) get everyone’s energy up and b) split the class into two groups. Procedure:  1.  Everyone stands in a circle and closes their eyes. 2.  Go around the circle and tap students one by one.  A tap on the right shoulder makes [...]

Drama Game: Enemy & Protector


Jul 2, 2013 Drama Games , , , , 0 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Break Out of Shell Purpose:  This is a fun, simple, quick game to energize the players and loosen everybody up. Procedure: 1.  Standing in a room everyone is told to mentally pick someone in the room that will be their enemy. 2.  Then everyone must pick someone who will be their protector. 3. [...]

Drama Game: Conveyor Belt


Jun 11, 2013 Drama Games , , 0 Comments

Type: Break Out of Shell. Purpose: A great way to get students – even the coolest – acting goofy and loving it. Procedure: 1.  Get students in two equal lines facing each other – just a few feet apart.  Every student should be looking directly across from another student. (If space is tight, make two sets [...]

Drama Game: Hot Spot


Feb 9, 2013 Break Out of Shell, Drama Games, Raise Energy , , , 3 Comments

Type:  Raise-energy. Purpose: Designed to get people to act quickly, spot patterns and “get out of their heads.” Materials: A big enough space for the entire class to stand in a circle comfortably. Procedure:  Hot Spot begins with the group standing in a circle. A suggestion may be given, but it is not necessary. One [...]