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Drama Game: Whoosh!


May 22, 2013 Drama Games , , , 2 Comments

Type:  Warm-Up. Procedure: 1.  Everybody stands in a circle. 2.  Start with one person, who waves both hands to his/her neighbor, saying `Whoosh`. 3.  The next person passes the Whoosh to his neighbor, and that way the Whoosh is passed around the circle. 4.  There’s 4 other sounds/movements that can be made: 5.  Whoa!: indicated [...]

Drama Game: Group Count (1 to 10)


May 14, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 1 Comment

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus. Purpose:  I’ve found this is a great game to play if having teamwork, discipline or respect issues within a group.  It’s extremely simple, but manages to focus the entire teams’ energy on one simple task.  When the goal is accomplished, the ensemble automatically feels a little stronger. Procedure:  1.  Actors stand [...]

Drama Game: Rain Storm


May 14, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , , 5 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Focus Purpose:   This is a great game to play in the beginning of a session to calm down a group of high-energy students. It’s simple, peaceful, and allows everyone to focus on one common goal. Procedure: 1.  The goal is to create the sound of a rainstorm using only our bodies.  This [...]

Drama Game: Flock Dance (Variation of Mirror)


May 7, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 0 Comments

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus. Procedure:  1.  Students stand in a big group (clump). 2.  For the beginning, a leader is chosen who is in front of the group. 3.  The leader starts slowly moving in a stylized walk or movement. 4.  Everyone else follows the leader. 5.  If the group’s direction changes, whoever is currently [...]

Drama Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor?


May 7, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 12 Comments

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus. Procedure:  1.  Arrange chairs in a circle; one chair per person playing, minus one. 2.  One person stands in the middle of the circle and approaches a person sitting in the circle and asks: “Do you love your neighbor?” 3.  If that person answers: “Yes, I love my neighbor,” the two [...]

Drama Game: The Machine


Apr 17, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , 5 Comments

Type:  Focus, Ensemble Building. Purpose: Develops creativity, concentration, and group cooperation. Procedure: 1.  Start with one student making a noise and a simple repeatable gesture. 2.  When the student has a rhythm and another student has an idea for a movement which connects to the first gesture that student joins the first student by making a [...]

Drama Game: “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap!”


Apr 11, 2013 Drama Games, Warm-Up , , , , 10 Comments

Type: Warm-up. Purpose:  Practice knowing everyone’s names and rhythm coordination. Procedure: 1.  Sit on the floor in a big circle. 2.  Have everyone go around introducing their names. 3.  Teach the kids the main pattern, “Lap, Lap, Clap, Snap”. This is done by patting one’s legs with both hands twice in a row, clapping in front [...]

Drama Game: Passed Around (Trust Exercise #3)


Mar 19, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building , , , , 1 Comment

Type:  Ensemble Building. Purpose: Encourage comfortability among the group. Encourage trust. Procedure:  Arrange the students in close circles (6-8 students at most). One brave volunteer goes to the middle, arms crossed over chest. When the student is ready, they may fall forward or backward and then be gently ‘passed’ around the circle. Keep the circle [...]

Drama Game: Who’s the Leader?


Feb 27, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Focus , , , , , 0 Comments

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus. Procedure:  One actor leaves the room while the others stand in circle and choose a secret leader. The leader will start with a repetitive motion that the others follow and the leader will slowly change the motion while the others follow without missing a beat. The student from outside will come [...]

Drama Game: Exploring the Space


Feb 21, 2013 Drama Games, Ensemble Building, Warm-Up , , , , 0 Comments

Type: Ensemble Building, Warm-Up Purpose: To get students familiar with their environment To get students to work together as a group Materials: A big enough space for the entire class to walk around comfortably. Procedure:  Ask the students to spread across the room. Tell them when you tell them to they will start walking around the [...]