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Drama Game: Minefield (using stage directions)


Oct 6, 2014 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Ensemble Building, Focus, Stage Directions Purpose: This is a fun game to play to help your students become proficient at using stage directions. (There’s also a simpler version that can be played in the “note” below.) Procedure: 1. Choose one player to be blindfolded. 2.  Ask students to scatter the floor of the stage with random objects (a book, a crumpled [...]

Drama Game: Circle Switch


Sep 4, 2014 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Focus, Ensemble Building Purpose: A simple game to help players develop non-verbal cues, work together and stay focused. Procedure: 1.  Ask the players to form a circle with one person in the middle. 2.  The object of the game is for two people within the circle to silently cue each other and trade places within the circle [...]

Drama Game: Pass the Pulse


Jun 29, 2014 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Type: Focus Purpose: A calming, silent game to help kids regain focus and work together. Great to play after a high-energy exercise, or at the beginning of a class if kids come in with super high energy (commonly the case for after-school programs!) Procedure: 1.  Students stand in a circle, hold hands, and close their eyes. 2. [...]

Drama Game: Balancing Plate


May 23, 2014 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Teamwork, Focus Purpose: This is a type of “mirroring” exercise, with a whole new twist. Best for slightly older students, younger kids may have difficulty grasping the concept. Procedure: 1.  Have the class line up in a straight line across the stage. Make sure it’s an even number (if not, ask the extra student to be the “judge” throughout [...]

Drama Game: Sausage!


Jan 26, 2014 Drama Games 3 Comments

Type: Focus Purpose: To help kids not break focus and stay in character. Procedure: 1.  Divide the class into two groups, Group A and Group B. 2.  Have Group A form a single file line offstage right, and Group B form a single file line offstage left. 3.  One person from Group A and Group B will [...]

Drama Game: Pass the Sound


Jan 16, 2014 Drama Games , 7 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Focus Procedure: 1.  In a standing circle, pass a “whoosh” around the circle. This is done by saying “whoosh!” and throwing your hands toward the person next to you. 2.  After it goes around a couple times stop the “Whoosh!” and send a “Bing!” going the opposite way, using a different hand gesture. 3. [...]

Drama Game: Quick Change


Dec 30, 2013 Drama Games 2 Comments

Type: Focus, Observation Purpose: Helps kids become aware of the details around them. Procedure: 1.  Have the students seated in a circle Choose one student to be the “changer”. 2.  Let the class study his/her appearance for 3 seconds. 3.  Ask the “changer” to leave the room out of sight. 4.  While out of sight the [...]

Drama Game: Splat!


Nov 3, 2013 Drama Games , 7 Comments

Type: Warm-up, Focus Purpose:  A great game to start off a session to warm-up voices and bodies, and get everyone to have some fun. Procedure: 1.  Ask the group to make a circle. Teacher stands in the middle. 2.  The teacher throws an imaginary pie at one person in the circle. 3.  That person must duck and [...]

Drama Game: Twin Interview


Nov 2, 2013 Drama Games , 1 Comment

Purpose:  A great activity to work on teamwork, openness and listening skills. Procedure: 1.  Randomly group the students into groups of 3. 2.  Each group should choose one person to act as the interviewer, while the other two have to answer as “twins”. 3.  After the interviewer asks a questions, the twins must answer in sync [...]

Drama Game: Rainstorm


Oct 30, 2013 Drama Games , 0 Comments

Type: Warm-Up, Focus Purpose:   This is a great game to play in the beginning of a session to calm down a group of high-energy students. It’s simple, peaceful, and allows everyone to focus on one common goal. Procedure: 1.  The goal is to create the sound of a rainstorm using only our bodies.  This [...]